Virgo festival


A group of my friends at Leeds University, set up a group called Artonomy to host events to showcase live art and music.

Recently we went to Virgo festival. I was the interior decorator for the “chill-out tent”.  We were selling Chai tea and hot drinks. Here I made it as kitsch as I could with only a budget of £200, I sourced many items from Morocco as you can see from the images below. I gathered bundles of flowers and hung them upside down, lots of wood and rustic materials to work with and made this:

IMG_2036 IMG_2037 IMG_2035 IMG_1989 IMG_1993

I gathered rope and fairy lights all the way round the outside and tied trimmings, and little beads to catch the eye. Prayer flags framed the bar area that gave it a worldy, traditional vibe. The sofas were collected from the British heart foundation but many were covered in wonderful Moroccan fabrics. Lanterns were lit at night, and it was truly a magical affair.