A working studio


This studio belongs to Daya Daya, a jewellery company who also live in their own studio. This means that creatively they’re always thinking and working. This environment is also great for friends, but obviously more importantly a great space to work in. They have a small kitchen next to the shower space that has tweed curtains for privacy. As of yet they have still managed to keep going without an oven although this is something they plan to install. Four people live in this space with a bedroom over looking the studio. Projectors hang from the ceiling for prime watching in the evenings. This studio has been built and designed by the designers themselves so well done. This is a great hideout.







Facial recognition


The human mind is programmed to see faces in many objects. This recently has become a ‘thing’ but we are never fooled in thinking that these objects are real people, they just mimic people we have seen or know. We are constantly making predictions about objects in our field of view and comparing these things to what we know.

This art is truly inspirational and so on point to the amount of faces immersed within it.


How many can you spot? I think I can spot 7. Tell me if there’s more!


OnGallery perform at Poliform


OnGallery is a start-up company based in London who exhibit art online. They have recently began working closely with interior designers choosing art for specific areas. They had their launch night last night and we were lucky enough to get invited.


IMG_1803.JPG  IMG_1807.JPG

Their work is modern yet practical with rectilinear shapes and forms. The big lightbulb lamp is really cool. It almost reminds me of an industrial lamp and this can actually be in many different schemes or environments and still look top notch. Their rich velvets and textures are so inviting (so much so that I had to sit down!). My favourite piece is this yellow mustard chair which only has one arm rest. It looks as though it belongs in the 50’s.




Upcycle bathrooms


Why do most people go for conventional bathrooms? Is it the lack of ideas or the facing the unknown? You can get materials from junk yards that can give you items for free so then you can create a magnificent bathing area such as these two below:

In the first image, the tined wall was scrap metal and this is perfect for water resistance. They use a brass shower head that has been dented and pinned so that water can filter through it. The other materials in the bathroom are old pieces of stone, metal and wood that combine to make a fully working bathroom.

In the second image, they too combine wood and stone. They have been creative with their findings as they have carved a block of slate to make the rim of the shower base. This could be an easy thing to achieve.

Both these examples are intuitive and inspirational so I hope that you don’t feel as though you need that conventional, expensive bathroom. They are quirky and original, and in my opinion much more interesting.


A 21st century pool house


Ever wanted your very own pool hut? This would typically be seen somewhere abroad, but those of you who are lucky enough to have somewhere in warmer climates, here could be some inspiration.

This dynamic outdoor setting is perfect for evenings when you can relax in your own bubble. Made form organic stones and materials this is an eco-friendly structure. Sheltered from strong winds and rain this masterpiece may be your ticket to luxury.


Relaxing window seats


Ever thought of filling up a space under a window? Look noooo further. Window seats are comfy, cosy yet also sociable.

This one is great as it’s framed in wood panelling. It is important to match your window seat to your decor so that it blends in well with your room. You can also use it as a storage unit and contain equipment within the space. Reading has never been so relaxing on one of these.

Cushions are made to fit with hundreds of different materials to choose from.

Window seats are just the one; it’s something you can’t ignore!


When art comes before interiors


When moving house, art and collectables are usually the only items that get transferred from place to place.  So I will give you an example of a piece of art that resembles the design of the room.


This piece of art is contemporary and clearly photoshopped to include nature and forestry. Below is a room that is parallel to this piece of art and designed on this singular photograph.


The spotted wall highlights the hidden forest within the image and the use of whites, greys and blacks are prominent within this setting. Take note of the linear lines of the hand in the photo and then again on the ceiling. The texture from the rug, sofa and the wooden seat are all seen within the hand of the image as branches bend and curl making it look 3D.

Interactive Kitchens


Let’s face it the kitchen is the focal point of every home; the hub of activity where children always manage to get under your toes. Here’s a few ideas for you to play around with in your kitchen to give children another alternative than unpinning your apron.



An interactive world map. You can start pinning your “been-to destinations” or your top five places to visit.


A blackboard can be useful to both you and your kids… just choose the best colours!


This stylish kitchen has a level made especially for children. They can park a stool and doodle and still be in your reach…. What a perfect situation!