Deeper than design

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‘There is too much choice…I don’t know how & where to begin’ – The things we hear almost everyday. This is where your designer steps in. You see, it’s not just about placing a cushion here and a mirror there. It’s deeper then style and design. It’s about influencing behaviours, about connecting with clients in order to help clients connect with their space.

There’s a high rise in the quest for class and comfort in personal spaces. Realising that you can achieve almost anything you want in your home is where the beauty begins. Whether it’s knocking down a few walls or simply going from paper to colour. It’s just the knowing and commencing.

Expression and concept is where we’re headed. Step out of the comfort zone and go for it this Autumn/Winter.

The 3 seater Kensington in Velvet and the Downton Chandelier you’ve had your eye on… Just go for it! Let’s create that pretty incredible space you’ve always wanted.


Principles of a minimalist interior

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Minimalism is a huge trend and we’ve spoken about it before over here on the blog. To really get the look we’ve compiled some key areas to focus on when designing a minimalist interior to hit the nail on the head. Find amazing quality pieces! Try and make informed purchases and think about what the product is made of, the colour and even the grain of the material. Having a lot less items in a room means each ones needs to serve a purpose but also be beautiful so that it can hold its own. Simplicity is key in this style interior so keep the lines of your furniture simple and clean. However, to add some quirkiness why not choose this piece in a pop of colour to create a central focus. Lastly, let special features of each room sing. If you have a stunning arched roof keep furniture low lying so that all the focus is up above. This is key to keeping accessorizing to a minimum and only keeping your best on display so that minimalism is achieved and architectural features shine.

Moody botanics

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If you loved our earlier blog post on botanicals, then you’ll love our ideas on how to update this for the colder seasons. Darker evenings bring a sense of romance and intrigue with candles and darker colours for you interior. Deep purple, teal and the odd touch of grey or black will bring this summery theme into the autumnal weather with style. Marks and Spencer have a new range with some beautiful dark botanical pieces to spice up a summery interior. On the other hand, you can simply add a darker throw and cushions to an existing bed set (the ultimate designer cheat). This trend is huge in many high street stores so whether big or small you can add a few moody botanicals touches to your interior.

Kicking it back- boho chic

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Layer layer layer! Autumn is here and as well as piling on the layers of clothes you may want to add some cosy layers to your interior. Getting warm in this season goes brilliantly with the boho trend with no need to worry about clashing or being too precious about your placement. Layering textures and patterns will add dimension and interest to any room you choose. Think fur, knit and rustic woods to decorate your space. The natural textures will give an organic yet modern feel and you’ll be bang on trend for autumn/winter 2016.