For my first project, my first client was a couple who wanted to renovate their master bedroom and bathroom. They were traditional, yet quirky in their tastes. They both work with clients from Rome and they love the Roman, classical designs. After spider diagrams, and sketch book aiding me to develop my ideas about their tastes and preferences, I came up with a mood board. This mood board shows texture, atmosphere and colour.

The couple were wacky and wonderful which was why a feathery owl was perfect. The features highlight the textures that I wanted to create and the crusty bread  is in a linear format, which focuses on shapes.

Below is my sample board. I gathered and sourced these items according to this mood board, depicting shape, colour and texture. In the top-right hand window there is a curtain with a sheer blind. I have sewn on a blue border onto the linen curtain to mix up the block cream colour. The lamps on either side of the bed are unique and fun. You can see the hint of red form the mood board allowing me to choose this colour. Referencing the mood board, the carpet is most similar to the crusty bread, likewise with the orange headboard.

Strangely, when you choose a head board always try and get a colour that wont get as dirty, and that the rub count is high. You can always ask your seller, but this is very important as this shows you how durable it is as a fabric.



This was hand drawn by me, and then inked over. It is the best way of making drawing look more professional. So the bottom image is my floor plan, just of the bathroom and dressing area. As you can see the bathroom is only half rendered (the posh way of saying “coloured in”!) The stone used of the bath surroundings is Alcante marble. THe floor is Carrara marble. In the section, you can see the columns that are on either side of the bath, keeping it Roman, et symmetrical. I believe for bathrooms, or even for sitting rooms that face onto a street, shutters is your best option. They are functional, produces fantastic shadow and light effects, but most importantly, give you privacy. The other end of the section shows the window treatment for the dressing room. I have gone for lovely curved golden hold backs with draping curtains. This is very chic and elegant for a dressing area.


Lastly, I show you an axonometric drawing of the bathroom. Above the sink lies a Rococo mirror. This is old, traditional but it also fits the clients needs. On the shelves there are many beautiful shells that adds a twinkle into this bathrooms complexion.