Coppa in Kitchens

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Copper is usually seen in lampshades, or crockery, or even a bath, but it never usually features in kitchens. These two photos are prime examples of why copper is such a great material to use. It bounces light like no other but also it’s easy to clean, modern and gives a room a sense of style. I love the way they have used copper pipes to hang their crockery on a truly inspirational setting. Funnily enough this metal is one of the only metals that is warm, steel and aluminium are terribly cold materials.




City showers


We may live in one of the busiest cities in the World but it doesn’t mean that one can’t shower close to nature. These examples both have open spaces around them┬ábut allows them to have privacy in such an intense city like London. Having plants within your space makes your experience fresher and more relaxing. With the help of┬árecess windows, your bath time can be light, peaceful and happier.