‘Double up!’

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We like symmetry… It reflects a sense of structure, a sense of order that some spaces need. Now we’re not saying that every angle of your interior needs mirroring but what we are saying is that the odd twinning here and there strengthens the feel and look of a room without being an eyesore.

You’ll find that employing symmetry in a home can either make a room appear larger or at times even smaller. Well it depends on the patterns, colours and textures used in the space. But digging even deeper than that, Psychology would tell us symmetry influences the mind and has an impact on day to day behaviour.

Not only does symmetry simplify design; it also gives us balance and balance makes us happy. It invites harmony and the calm, a few assets that are extremely important to master in personal space.

So keep it simple and double up! Involve some mirroring; whether it’s your beside tables or the accessories on your dresser. Embrace symmetry and add balance to your space.



Autumn inspiration!

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As summer winds down, the evening get darker and the purpose of you home changes. No longer are doors flung open with friends mingling between the kitchen and garden. Time to cosy up in the warm and relax! Transitioning your interior is easy and can come at any price point you desire. Throws are great as an aesthetic but are much nicer wrapped around yourself with a cup of coffee in hand. Maybe try tartan … Tartan always makes a triumphant return in the fall season both in interiors and fashion. Choosing more unusual blends like the ones below will add warmth and a lightness that can be lost in the darker evenings.  Candles, a leaf wreath or two and some sprayed pumpkins from Halloween are so simple to come by and will leave your home feeling as autumnal and the changing leaves outside.

Black and Gold

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Doing the morning scan of Pinterest can unveil some gems of design that you may not have considered before! These black and gold inspiration images show how some quite daring colours and metallics can be mixed for style and glamour. Both modern and traditional styles can suite this scheme to bring through a feel of indulgence. The pipe work works really well with the gold covering as it becomes a feature instead of an eye sore. So whilst your trying to wake up why not have a scroll through Pinterest for some morning inspiration and try out some black and gold twists!



If your willing to spend your time in one of these fantastic places, this is how to design it. It fully functional, but most importantly incredibly decorative. Take a sneaky peak:

IMG_1466  IMG_1470 2

This is the sitting room and kitchen area. The oven yes is old, but it adds charm. This is an all girls warehouse (no boys allowed!) in Seven Sisters. The girls have collected items across the globe. Many items have also been left and put together artistically. This is very cushy, with a multi-cultural theme. This warehouse is full of life and colour. Over the dining table stands a tall red lantern, Chinese in style with gold tassels. I love the way that all their chairs are different and each one tells its own story. The kitchen area has a wooden structure to hang dream catchers, pans, flowers, tea pots etc. to add a new dimension. In this seating zone, a pillowed hammock is central, with two large sofas either side. Hammocks are the best way to make your sitting room something extra special. Make sure you have somewhere to hang it though…

IMG_1473 2

This display is in the hallway. Peacock feathers are beautifully put together to involve nature within a busy London environment. The twisted candle stick, the bunches of flowers and the religious artefacts only adds confusion to this crazy place.


IMG_1475 2

In the bedroom above the bed lies a handmade dream catcher that allows one a perfect nights sleep. This is attached to some horns. This is simple, yet incredibly effective. In the same bedroom on the window sill, dripped wax is shown creatively. The colours and textures look fab.

IMG_1478 2

In the hallway leading to the other bedrooms lies a gramophone with a collection of found images and pictures. A Tibetan prayer wheel is one of my favourite things, so when my house is completed, I will show you mine. Their prayer wheel is in the box to the bottom of the picture. You touch it and spin whilst making a wish. It is said to bring you luck, and to make your dreams come true.

IMG_1480 2

These steps lead to another bedroom.

The idea of this warehouse is that there is no doors, just fabrics, to allow a communal way of living. There is one bathroom, with 8 girls. They share clothes, and live in harmony. Every inch is decorated and thought of. They also have a house pet called bunny, he loves to roam around and he is loved by 8 wonderful women. A house or environment can never be too cluttered, so be as creative and free as you possibly can.