A sneak peak at an article in House & Garden!


We were luckily enough to be part of this issue’s House & Garden. Our chairs have been mentioned which is terrific news!

They seem to be going down a treat! Christmas is finally arriving and these seem to be this winter’s, ‘must-have’.


Scandi Vibes

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By placing greenery or even white washing the walls,  your pad can transform into the new-aged Scandinavian metropolis. Everything is minimal and  rugged by using mixed natural materials such as wood and fur. Be closer to the earth by having just a mattress on the floor. These people that suit these living arrangements are relaxed, happy beings, so if this is something you feel is missing form your life, it’s time to have a re-deisgn.

Contact Spicer Interiors for advice!



Raising the bar

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Are we the only ones totally in love with Bar Carts at the moment? Especially Brass Bars! There’s just something about the timeless elegance they bring to the table.

A snazzy Bar Cart to top off the look in your lounge is a must have. Whether you’re into collecting the finest of Whiskies or simply a Champagne on occasion kind of person; there’s a sense of 1950’s glam a Bar Cart introduces which every space desires.

Now that we’re approaching the festive season it’s not only time to jazz up your guest rooms, it’s time to enhance every corner of your space from the kitchen to… Well… The Bar Cart.

This season is all about the stand-out pieces.

Referring back to our ‘The magic of movement’ post – you really do not have to refurbish your whole entire space. You can simply elevate the stories in your space by making small alterations.

Ok, so we’re going a little off topic now. Spice up that Bar Cart if you’ve already got one. If you don’t; Raise the Bar and get your purchase on!

Have a look at West Elms Carts, they have a fantastic selection and believe it or not, IKEA also have pretty cool Bar Carts…Yep, we said it IKEA!



Survive the heatwave in style

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The next two weeks are set to be the hottest of the year in England, which is a miracle after the less than average performance weather we have seen this summer! To survive the heatwave in style here are a few tips for your outdoor décor to make the most of the sunny times…

1. Sun burn is inevitable for the paler ones among us so to keep you from looking like a tomato put up an umbrella to enjoy the sun without the after pain.

2. Stay hydrated with a stylish pitcher of your favourite drink. Sip in style and watch the world go by!

3. Make the most of the evening warmth by creating a little sanctuary to relax in after a day of work or play. Check out our previous post “Bring the Inside Out” for some ideas. Swap in some citronella candles for added insect protection!

Go mad for metro

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Metro tiles are THE best and easiest way to update a tired bathroom. Such a simple change in tiling can make the room look more modern and stylish. Being so popular has meant that metro tiles are available in almost all tile outlets and can fit any price range. For a more classic style use white tiles but if you fancy being creative and adding some spice to your new bathroom life try a brighter shade. Seeing as grey is the new white, why not add a chic twist to your bathroom with charcoal grey metro tiles available from Fired Earth and Tile Flair. This style of tile has become the new classic and will be sticking around for years to come so take the plunge and go mad for metro.