For art’s sake

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An amazing interior always features amazing art work! Whether it’s a classic Picasso piece or a sentimental hand-me-down; art literally introduces depth and character to interiors. If your wondering what to do with that empty space in your hallway, opt for art.

With a verity of pieces to choose from nowadays days you are totally spoilt for choice. From mosaics to paintings… Calligraphy to graffiti… Art is always a YES from us.

Andrea Leila Brown makes incredible, timeless Mosaic pieces. Also, car-boot sales are a great stop for art.



Feel like man, walk like a man

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This is a typical bachelor pad! Wooden floors and studio-styled place is a perfect way to explore your masculinity. Doing projects like these are actually my favourite. There’s so much to play with. But the simplicity in having a bed just on the ground makes this space feel comfortable and relaxed. The shimmery wooden floors complete this glossy look and make it that much smarter. Without the shine, I feel as though this could look grungy and rustic, more like an artisan’s studio. Electric curtains and windows finish this place off giving it a modern touch. What a beauty this is. Inspiration taken to the max. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



Weekend activity!

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Get stuck into making pieces for your home on the weekend or when you have free time. You can either buy ready-made stickers or paint murals and designs yourself. Remember to use special paint that won’t come off easily. They look quirky, fun yet also personal. So get creative this weekend and add personalise your furniture.


Inked up

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Tattoos have always been a thing, but here’s now to inking on walls.


Who says this cannot be done? You can buy wallpaper paste or just put off-white/grey wallpaper on the walls and ink it yourself. It may take some time but a bit of DIY won’t harm anyone. Having it in a bedroom would look really stylish. Perhaps pink for a baby girl’s bedroom?  Just throwing around some ideas and thoughts to ponder on. This is a tattoo you will never regret.



Creative spaces

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With many creatives off to university this month it’s a great time to look at creative spaces which will make the ideas flow. Having a section of any room you desire dedicated to creativity and personal exploration is so important to escape to and indulge yourself in your passions. Some great ways to keep this space organised (especially if you are a stationary hoarder like me) is to have lots of boxes and hidden spaces to make your chaos a little bit more manageable. I love the first image below which has reclaimed wooden shelves and steel piping for a raw feel. This is such a personal space so make it whatever you want to be! Try mixing personal items with your tools to make the space seem less workshop like and blend well with you overall interior style. If you fear eccentric, then rejoice at the creative example on the right which shows a chic creative space with a minimalist style. Any style, any room, any size, a creative space is exactly what the doctor ordered this semester.

Walk into Heaven

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Most girls dream of a walk in wardrobe, draws, mirrors and lights to make any rough morning look better. To make your dream space come to life think about what else you may use this space for – like getting ready in the morning or even combining it with a study zone. Somewhere private and calm can be achieved through light colours and a more shut away space with drawers and less open storage. However, if the walk in will serve one purpose maybe have more hanging space so you can see all of your pieces for a successful and quick morning routine. Lighting can make all the difference in mood; whether you want your clothes illuminated for easy selection or you want a more muted and romantic feel. This space can be made so personal and is really one area of the house where guests don’t have to see unless you really want to show them. So be creative and make it somewhere you can get ready in style!


Letters and lamps

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Ever fancied your name in lights? Making Broadway may be a far-fetched dream but decorating your home with some personalised lettering is merely a shop away. These bold decorations show off personality in style. Using the letter of your first or family name will show every guest who’s space they are in. Not On the High Street in particular has an amazing selection of lights from different sellers which will match any style of interior. Not just confined to the home, this accessory is brilliant for weddings, parties and commercial interiors!

Move over wallpaper

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Scared of a whole room covered in wallpaper? Sit down, take a drink and consider a wall mural for your interior. Large paintings straight onto the wall make a statement and really show off personality in whatever room they are placed. Popular examples of this are large floral patterns but anything can be chosen to be suited to the space and the owner. Having the mural cross over two walls will keep eyes moving around the room instead of sticking to one statement wall. Feeling more at ease? Check out these examples below to see how much impact you can make with your own interior mural.

Every Plate has a Gold Lining

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Give all your guests table top envy with gorgeous gold rimmed crockery this season! Rustic and individual, this style of plate will show personality and a natural flow to your summer table. Laura Letinsky has a stunning range of plates and bowls which can be bought individually starting from £59 or if you would like to just dip your toe this season why not try Suite One Studios Gold Splashed plates which retail from £20. These can be added to a white crockery set to add a touch of style or as a complete set to really show off to your dinner party guests! Either way your summer table is sure to look stunning with this simple yet luxurious detail.

Into The Blue

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Whether its navy, cobalt or royal; blue is making a fashionable comeback. Once confined to a little boy’s bedroom this colour has come back with a sophisticated edge. To regain masculinity within a room why not use a deep blue mixed with mustard accessories to bring across an on trend look. Great ways to use blue in an unexpected way are to have a feature wall or layer tones of blue for a unique feel. Too much blue is never enough so experiment with tones and pattern to create a look personal to you.