‘Dinner the Dining Room’

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Lets focus on table dressing… At Spicer we absolutely love a shindig, love hosting & love dressing a table! As the season changes, it is the perfect time to start hosting those ab fab dinner parties in your dining room. Now that the sun is slowly disappearing, we are totally over bar hoping in the evenings (until summer ’17)
Instead; we’d rather host or attend a dinner parties filled with yummy food, great company and most of all amazing attention to interior detail!

As the temperature drops a little, we should try to incorporate that mellow and snug feel in our homes. Using rich tones will allow you to achieve this in the middle of winter. Focus on the Burgundies, deep Greens, burnt Oranges, Navies with hints of Rose Golds and/or rustic Brass. Adding texture to your table will also allow you to invite that cosy yet formal feel around the table.

The Conran shop have a fantastic range of exclusive place mats which’ll instantly add character to your table. Also using accessories such a candle holders in the center of the table alongside a stunning statement vase with either faux or genuine flowers will instantly lift the look on the table.
Graham and green have a great range of Agate slices which can be used a coasters, champagne flutes and an amazing range of Faux Flowers. Check them out!

Ohh go on… Pull out the Crystal glasses, gorgeous plates, Merlot bottles hiding in the cellar and invite guests around for some ‘Dinner in the Dining room’.