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If you haven’t already please take a look at our shop online, lots of lovely christmas pressies to be bought!



The magic of movement

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All it takes is movement, the right move. Redecorating is a way of expressing yourself, releasing your inner creativity. And the magic of movement is just the same. You can incorporate that ‘brand new/grand’ feel without purchasing up to the minute interior goods. All it takes is a little move… The dynamic of your whole entire space can change within hours, even minutes.

Why don’t you begin with large furniture and then play around with your accessories? Let’s start with the sofa & coffee table for example; moving it from one end of the room to the other will instantly alter your area.

Place the flower vase you’ve had sitting on your dining table in the centre of your marble fireplace. The reflection of the vase and flowers in your Zagora mirror will make everything feel and look extremely effective.

Understand the magic of moment and inject more life into your home without spending a dime.



The faith and flower- Los Angeles

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Inspiration really can come from anywhere and where you eat is no exception. Faith and Flower located in Los Angeles was designed by AvroKODesigns and shows a stunning mix of modern and 1920’s design. The fine dining experience will capture all of your senses. From the high ceilings and vintage mustard sofas to the seared ocean trout that’s just landed on your plate, you will truly be treated when dining here. Using full length curtains mixed with hanging pendant lights make the space feel opulent without being overwhelming from the incredibly high ceilings. This mixed with precise uniformity of tables and seating makes the open space feel structured and clean cut to suit its suave vibe. This restaurant has been designed to be creative and individual without being loud and startling. The mix of yellow, green and grey is not common but suits the slightly industrial theme to a T. Definitely worth a visit or if you’re not so lucky just a scroll through their website will set your design senses alive.

Tom Dixon’s Private Party

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One Tuesday night, Spicer Interiors was lucky enough to have been invited to Tom Dixon’s private launch party with cocktails and canopies being handed round as though it were out of fashion. From beginning to end, this zone was filled with aspiring Designers who got given freebies and one of Tom Dixon’s candle holder as a goodbye gift.

Aside from these bonus features, his work proudly stood under a sequence of arches. He had advised a ‘setting’ in each cave in the Portobello Dock ie. a dining room, living room, and other features he wanted to highlight. His intricacy is totally fabulous. I love the way he incorporates metals and oils which touches on very deep environmental issues that we have today. Sphere8 were very clever combining their talents with Tom Dixon as they created the floors in each setting and throughout the dock space. They focus on resin floorings that are eco-friendly and have a seamless shine.

Tom Dixon sells a broad range of items such as tables, lamps, candles, chairs, but it was the lighting that stood out mostly for me. He uses metallics and other materials such as wax and oils that shimmer when light reflects and is soothing to be around. His work will instantly lift ones rooms’ aesthetic. Whether you opt for a splash of shimmer or floor-to-ceiling lustre, these pieces will ensure your interiors shine with style; he’s one to watch.

‘Dinner the Dining Room’

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Lets focus on table dressing… At Spicer we absolutely love a shindig, love hosting & love dressing a table! As the season changes, it is the perfect time to start hosting those ab fab dinner parties in your dining room. Now that the sun is slowly disappearing, we are totally over bar hoping in the evenings (until summer ’17)
Instead; we’d rather host or attend a dinner parties filled with yummy food, great company and most of all amazing attention to interior detail!

As the temperature drops a little, we should try to incorporate that mellow and snug feel in our homes. Using rich tones will allow you to achieve this in the middle of winter. Focus on the Burgundies, deep Greens, burnt Oranges, Navies with hints of Rose Golds and/or rustic Brass. Adding texture to your table will also allow you to invite that cosy yet formal feel around the table.

The Conran shop have a fantastic range of exclusive place mats which’ll instantly add character to your table. Also using accessories such a candle holders in the center of the table alongside a stunning statement vase with either faux or genuine flowers will instantly lift the look on the table.
Graham and green have a great range of Agate slices which can be used a coasters, champagne flutes and an amazing range of Faux Flowers. Check them out!

Ohh go on… Pull out the Crystal glasses, gorgeous plates, Merlot bottles hiding in the cellar and invite guests around for some ‘Dinner in the Dining room’.



3 ways to define

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We said we’d be back with some tips for an open plan interior and here we are sharing 3 top ways to section what could be a muddled space.

1. Rugs: The classic way to separate a space is to use rugs to indicate the living area and/or dining area. Rugs are cosy under the feet and also buffer any loud noises which can be handy in such an open and often large room.

2. Corner Sofa’s: Corner sofas are not just made for the corner so don’t restrict them to that space! Using them further out in a room provides a shorter divide than a wall and still leaves the space feeling open. If the back of your sofa isn’t at its heyday, why not add a side table to the back or get it reupholstered.

3. Kitchen Island: Having a kitchen island is many house owners dream and it’s also a great way to show a distinction as to where the kitchen ends. This can provide an easy transition into a dining area or work space. If a built in island is out of reach, try an island on wheels or a butchers block that can also be moved to accommodate the use of the space.

Zooming in

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Having an open plan interior is many house owners dream. Bright open spaces where family or guests easily communicate can make for a social and inviting space. However, there is risk of the spaces all merging together and before you know it you’re cooking next to your sofa. Using zoning within any space, commercial or domestic, makes invisible walls between each area so to keep boundaries between living, eating and dining. By keeping the organisation quite structured you will easily be able to see where the living space ends and where the dining space starts. To combat a blocky look, use coordinating colours and patterns throughout the space to keep a cohesive feel.Stay tuned for the best 5 ways to zone an open space, coming soon!