Crushing on armchairs

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What an armchair can do to a space is absolutely incredible. You can literally go from having the most basic pad to a space filled with character, simply from the purchase of an armchair.

If furniture could talk, an armchair would say ‘I like to stand alone’. This particular piece doesn’t need to match your sofa and footstool. There are no design rules.

The proud piece enjoys standing out and being dissimilar. Look at it like this… Your armchair is the icing on the cake, the piece that you can go totally bonkers with.

The options are limitless these days. You can have a chair covered in such amazing fabrics like Sumptuous velvet or have an old chair upholstered in a sentimental fabric.

Everyone needs a good armchair, it’s a must!

Take a look at Jonathan Adler or Graham & Greens current range. Ohh and Prêt A Vivre also have breathtaking fabrics, perfect for upholstering.


Deeper than design

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‘There is too much choice…I don’t know how & where to begin’ – The things we hear almost everyday. This is where your designer steps in. You see, it’s not just about placing a cushion here and a mirror there. It’s deeper then style and design. It’s about influencing behaviours, about connecting with clients in order to help clients connect with their space.

There’s a high rise in the quest for class and comfort in personal spaces. Realising that you can achieve almost anything you want in your home is where the beauty begins. Whether it’s knocking down a few walls or simply going from paper to colour. It’s just the knowing and commencing.

Expression and concept is where we’re headed. Step out of the comfort zone and go for it this Autumn/Winter.

The 3 seater Kensington in Velvet and the Downton Chandelier you’ve had your eye on… Just go for it! Let’s create that pretty incredible space you’ve always wanted.


Autumn inspiration!

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As summer winds down, the evening get darker and the purpose of you home changes. No longer are doors flung open with friends mingling between the kitchen and garden. Time to cosy up in the warm and relax! Transitioning your interior is easy and can come at any price point you desire. Throws are great as an aesthetic but are much nicer wrapped around yourself with a cup of coffee in hand. Maybe try tartan … Tartan always makes a triumphant return in the fall season both in interiors and fashion. Choosing more unusual blends like the ones below will add warmth and a lightness that can be lost in the darker evenings.  Candles, a leaf wreath or two and some sprayed pumpkins from Halloween are so simple to come by and will leave your home feeling as autumnal and the changing leaves outside.

Robin Day- Designer

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Robin Day and his wife Lucienne Day were print and furniture designers renowned for their sense of style but also comfort in their designer products. Compared to post war furniture that was available at the time, Day’s furniture was made for comfort and great function. You’ll probably have seen some of the pieces floating through Pinterest as they’ve come back around in interior fashion. One of the recliners could set you back over £1000 so this really is an investment piece. However, as styles come back around so do lower prices! West Elm, Houzz and Overstock all have great ranges of similar furniture for a more bank friendly price. Get a little bit of British post war design into your home with Robin Day designs!

Mixing mid century

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Midcentury style is all the rage in the interior design world this year. The sleek and simple styles look great on their own or mixed with older and newer styles, perfect for an instant uplift! Popularity of this style has meant you can access this style at any price range (so no excuses). sells a huge range of larger furniture pieces but even Primark can give you a cheap solution to this style. We love the mid-century lounging chairs to add comfort and style to any corner of your home. Cover with a pillow or two, as any interior lover would, and this will become the most fashionable place to relax. Leaving raw wood exposed or a quick lick of paint will personalize these pieces to suit your own style.


Being boho

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For an eclectic and exciting interior twist for summer try adding some bohemian prints to compliment your space. Baba Souk has an amazing array of bohemian printed décor pieces in every colour under the rainbow. Although they are on the pricier end of the scale you would only need one or two to add an edgy twist to your space. The gorgeous blend of colours creates interest and a cultural spin to your interior. Small details like pompoms and more delicate prints can give the bohemian feel without being too loud, this is great for an already colourful interior. So make yourself look well-travelled and add some boho into your home, a little white lie you won’t regret!

Using the unexpected

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Industrial design is the hipster of the interior design world and continues to be cool and edgy through every season. If you want to be in with this clique, why not act out and expose some raw materials to give your home the quirk it needs. Whether its brushed concrete on the floor or exposed brickwork this trend of using the unexpected will make your space look unique and industrial. Not only are these design features sstunning, many are eco-friendly as well, in particular concrete floors which are long wearing and keep temperatures moderated. For furniture choices why not try upcycling wooden planks to use for a table top or using stainless steel as a worktop. Think lofty and old factory buildings and you’ll have the style spot on.

Mustard musings

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Continuing with the notions of food here’s some mustard inspiration for your interior, and no we don’t mean how to compliment a hot dog on a summers evening. Whether it’s a splash of fresh colour or a whole new scheme, mustard is sure to bring a sophisticated and stylish feel to your room. Navy compliments mustard perfectly so if it’s a small change you want why not try adding a splash of mustard in the form of a throw or pillow set in front of a navy base. H&M home is a great place to find mustard in pillows, throws and other accessories at a brilliant price. I love this idea of painting the radiator for a pop of colour from a non-traditional place. Try going for something untraditional to change up your interior and choosing mustard for the inspo will make it all the more modern.

Brassy notes

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Copper may have stolen centre stage for the metallic this season but brass is coming in close behind with a cheaper and long wearing solution. Brass mixes really well with whites and natural materials such as wool and copper which is easy to find and add to any interior. The minimal trend lends itself extremely well to brass as delicate furniture below shows. Smaller details as with any trend can be added into an existing styled room such as frames and lighting whereas if you are on the hunt for a more substantial piece why not add some statements like these gorgeous taps for an updated kitchen. Brass can come in many finishes so try your hand at rustic, chic or a mish mash of both for a stylish and modern interior.