For art’s sake

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An amazing interior always features amazing art work! Whether it’s a classic Picasso piece or a sentimental hand-me-down; art literally introduces depth and character to interiors. If your wondering what to do with that empty space in your hallway, opt for art.

With a verity of pieces to choose from nowadays days you are totally spoilt for choice. From mosaics to paintings… Calligraphy to graffiti… Art is always a YES from us.

Andrea Leila Brown makes incredible, timeless Mosaic pieces. Also, car-boot sales are a great stop for art.



Palette of the year: Moroccan Twist


Rose Quartz and Serenity; even the names sound trendy! These are the colours of 2016 and are alive and kicking within the interior design industry. A more interesting way of interpreting these colours is through the normally bright and punchy Moroccan interior. The quirky and complex style of a Moroccan interior lends itself well to a paired down colour scheme as the use of tones and shape can really come into play. Whether its using the colour on the walls or to accessorize the interior these two colours look stunning with this twist on them. Here is some inspiration of feature walls and a gorgeous throw from House of Rym.