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Black and Gold

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Doing the morning scan of Pinterest can unveil some gems of design that you may not have considered before! These black and gold inspiration images show how some quite daring colours and metallics can be mixed for style and glamour. Both modern and traditional styles can suite this scheme to bring through a feel of indulgence. The pipe work works really well with the gold covering as it becomes a feature instead of an eye sore. So whilst your trying to wake up why not have a scroll through Pinterest for some morning inspiration and try out some black and gold twists!

Styling your kitchen

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The kitchen in most homes is the heart, where you spend time with the family and entertain guests. The most sacred room full of food, laughter and many a social gathering. Why not keep your kitchen in top condition so that it is a haven for you and your guests? By styling certain areas with simple changes you can create an interiors magazine worthy kitchen in your own home. Keeping a few pans out, providing they aren’t the result of a recipe gone wrong, can look natural and homely. Look out for copper or gold pans which not only look good but can last a lot longer than your average steel ones. Leafy greens not only look fresh and smell great but will make you look like the healthiest host, always a great look! Ikea have great solutions for hanging herbs or just tie them with string to a hanging rack for a more natural approach. Lastly keep a few bits out that you use a lot or are your favourite pieces for the kitchen, this will show personality and a lived in home which is welcoming for all guests. Keep your kitchen ready for any social occasion with these quick and simple changes!