Raising the bar

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Are we the only ones totally in love with Bar Carts at the moment? Especially Brass Bars! There’s just something about the timeless elegance they bring to the table.

A snazzy Bar Cart to top off the look in your lounge is a must have. Whether you’re into collecting the finest of Whiskies or simply a Champagne on occasion kind of person; there’s a sense of 1950’s glam a Bar Cart introduces which every space desires.

Now that we’re approaching the festive season it’s not only time to jazz up your guest rooms, it’s time to enhance every corner of your space from the kitchen to… Well… The Bar Cart.

This season is all about the stand-out pieces.

Referring back to our ‘The magic of movement’ post – you really do not have to refurbish your whole entire space. You can simply elevate the stories in your space by making small alterations.

Ok, so we’re going a little off topic now. Spice up that Bar Cart if you’ve already got one. If you don’t; Raise the Bar and get your purchase on!

Have a look at West Elms Carts, they have a fantastic selection and believe it or not, IKEA also have pretty cool Bar Carts…Yep, we said it IKEA!



Blue Karma Resort

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In the heart of Bali lies a beautiful resort that has been designed using a huge range of woods such as bamboo and wicker. Put a flame to it as you really will see colour, but thankfully we don’t need too as this place already has colour that resinates deep into the wood.



Okko hotel- France

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Okko hotel in Nantes, France has had a radical re-design by designer Patrick Norguet. The small rooms needed uplifting and modernising to reach their full potential. Norguet has used an on trend and modern theme throughout the rooms and made each unique with their own colour palette. The white base makes the rooms light and feel more spacious with the colour coming through from geometric shapes and accessories. Colour blocking also features heavily but instead of using opposite colours Patrick Norguet has used shades from the same colour for a more relaxed feel. This simple yet stylish design won’t go out of fashion any time soon and will suite each guest that walks through the door. Adding large mirrors and staying away from solid walls the rooms become a Tardis for design. Check back soon for some inspiration of how to re-create this look for your interior!

Hotels have finally broken the seal…


5* Hotels are typically known to be beige, boring and classy in style. This hotel however is somewhat different. The tribal, gorilla wallpaper blends nicely with the teak wooden doors that stand tall. This also matches the front desk with gold gilding and a marble top tying in with the pattern of the wallpaper.

A round of applause for the genius who broke the hotel agreement seal.