For art’s sake

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An amazing interior always features amazing art work! Whether it’s a classic Picasso piece or a sentimental hand-me-down; art literally introduces depth and character to interiors. If your wondering what to do with that empty space in your hallway, opt for art.

With a verity of pieces to choose from nowadays days you are totally spoilt for choice. From mosaics to paintings… Calligraphy to graffiti… Art is always a YES from us.

Andrea Leila Brown makes incredible, timeless Mosaic pieces. Also, car-boot sales are a great stop for art.



Back to basics

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Trends are ever changing and evolving coming from the fashion world into interiors and vice versa. Looking forward into winter 2016 and early 2017 you will notice a shift from edgy and one off designs to a much more classic form with hard wearing materials. This can range from large pieces of furniture to smaller accessories. We have already seen the trend of marble coming back through and this is leading the way with this forthcoming trend. Sturdy materials like marble last a long time and most often aren’t bought as fashion items at such a high price. This new trend links with the focus on sustainability as it means less people will be buying cheaper “fashion” items which are made lacking quality and will go out of style as quickly as they came in. If you are sat there thinking you don’t like a classic interior then don’t fret, this trend can mean personalisation as a hardy material can live up to multiple changes and regenerations.

Tom Dixon’s Private Party

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One Tuesday night, Spicer Interiors was lucky enough to have been invited to Tom Dixon’s private launch party with cocktails and canopies being handed round as though it were out of fashion. From beginning to end, this zone was filled with aspiring Designers who got given freebies and one of Tom Dixon’s candle holder as a goodbye gift.

Aside from these bonus features, his work proudly stood under a sequence of arches. He had advised a ‘setting’ in each cave in the Portobello Dock ie. a dining room, living room, and other features he wanted to highlight. His intricacy is totally fabulous. I love the way he incorporates metals and oils which touches on very deep environmental issues that we have today. Sphere8 were very clever combining their talents with Tom Dixon as they created the floors in each setting and throughout the dock space. They focus on resin floorings that are eco-friendly and have a seamless shine.

Tom Dixon sells a broad range of items such as tables, lamps, candles, chairs, but it was the lighting that stood out mostly for me. He uses metallics and other materials such as wax and oils that shimmer when light reflects and is soothing to be around. His work will instantly lift ones rooms’ aesthetic. Whether you opt for a splash of shimmer or floor-to-ceiling lustre, these pieces will ensure your interiors shine with style; he’s one to watch.

Rural in the City

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Ever just feel like you love the city but the country has your heart? Well why not incorporate a rural/country feel within your space.

Yes, rural in your city space. You can do it, you can do whatever you like to your space. At spicer we say ‘Ditch the trend following and just follow your homes heart’ . The minute you take that on board, you will not only find but also feel the beauty of YOUR interior space.

So wether you’re after a rural feel in the middle of the city or a city feel in a country home.. go for just that!

Warm hues and rich textures will help invite that country feel to your space. Why not try Farrow and Balls ‘Stony Ground’ on your walls alongside ‘Wimborne White’ in an Eggshell finish on your woodwork?

Follow your interiors heart. Go ‘Rural in the City’



Midnight Moments

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We’ve talked about blue before but as autumn and winter approaches midnight blue is set to be on trend and a must have for the upcoming season. Going against the grain of using warmer tones for this season, midnight blue will add a glamorous icy feel to your interior, perfect for upcoming festivities. To add a softness to this new scheme try using thick knits and mixing it with a white print.

Study student zone

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Being a student is hard; long days, even longer nights and the terrible fear of an empty fridge. To keep at least one part of your mind at ease create a zone in your small space that you can study relax and get back into your own groove. Meeting this combination of needs can be hard but with a few items you can have the perfect Space. First let’s tackle the not so pleasant – study! Get yourself a decent lamp to power through those all nights and make sure to have a comfy seat whether it’s at a desk or not. Relaxation is personal but some full proof pieces such as candles and cushions are a must have. Finally go personal crazy, being away from home can be hard so decorate with what makes you, you. To keep you from going mad, keep this space clean by thinking of some storage solutions like this cute trolley below or add baskets for under desk storage.

Walk into Heaven

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Most girls dream of a walk in wardrobe, draws, mirrors and lights to make any rough morning look better. To make your dream space come to life think about what else you may use this space for – like getting ready in the morning or even combining it with a study zone. Somewhere private and calm can be achieved through light colours and a more shut away space with drawers and less open storage. However, if the walk in will serve one purpose maybe have more hanging space so you can see all of your pieces for a successful and quick morning routine. Lighting can make all the difference in mood; whether you want your clothes illuminated for easy selection or you want a more muted and romantic feel. This space can be made so personal and is really one area of the house where guests don’t have to see unless you really want to show them. So be creative and make it somewhere you can get ready in style!


Early autumnal furs

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Although autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22nd we are already dreaming of fall décor over here! So hold off on the leaf wreaths and pumpkin candles for a little while but do indulge in some fury comforts for the beginning of the new season. Synthetic fur accessories can come in a wide variety of price ranges depending on the authenticity ad scale but there’s something for everyone. To add to a cosy corner why not try put some fluffy pillows and a throw to snuggle into on the cold evenings. For a bolder statement try covering a chair with fur and exposing some of the framework for a Scandinavian twist. Fur works well with a whole host of trends including many we have mentioned on the blog before! So check out some our previous posts on copper, exposed wood and many other styles for some early autumn inspiration.


Hotter than Hell

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Scared of a red hot interior? No fear Spicer Interiors is here to change your mind about the intense shade that many ban from their home. Red can be darkening which is why it’s important to use it in the right places and in the right shades. Painting a feature wall or two in red will look eye-catching and stunning when paired with more muted tones like grey and natural materials. The danger is to use red prints as well as a red painted wall which can look very matchy matchy. For a touch of red in your space try a statement piece of furniture like these red velvet chairs used in a Parisian lounge. Both romantic and edgy, red could be the saviour to your dull interior adding spice and style.

Trend alert- botanical touches

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Keep your interior alive with this oh so chic trend. DIY’s, small accessories or a whole room refresh; this trend is so easy to bring through in any interior. A great home-made touch is pressed flowers within a clear frame, this brings the outdoors in without fear of upkeep and watering every day (a lazy designers dream). As well as looking stylish this DIY will add a modern twist to your space and can bring through the botanical trend without a complete overhaul. If DIY is just not your thing then why not pop a simple botany print up on the wall, old school nature diagrams look stylish and interesting. To add to this scientific trend, bring in glassware and touches of gold to really set off the style. This trend fits perfectly with a scandi interior or one based with white which you can read more about in our previous post “Paint The Town White”. So whether you go out on a country yomp for some inspiration or just head down to your nearest interiors store, make sure to add some botanical to your summer interior.