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If you haven’t already please take a look at our shop online, lots of lovely christmas pressies to be bought!



Place to GO: Soho house Barcelona

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If your planning a trip to Barcelona any time soon, I highly recommend you to check out Soho House. It’s designed beautifully adding elements of colour and textures throughout their rooms. Nothing is left untouched and the attention to detail is like no other. Exposed brickwork allows a room to automatically feel old and authentic so this is something you should not cover up. The lights look like pooky lights (a shop you should check out if you haven’t already) as they are beautifully crafted with bright shades and quirky patterns. It’s a lush environment to sit back and relax.



Tom Dixon’s Private Party

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One Tuesday night, Spicer Interiors was lucky enough to have been invited to Tom Dixon’s private launch party with cocktails and canopies being handed round as though it were out of fashion. From beginning to end, this zone was filled with aspiring Designers who got given freebies and one of Tom Dixon’s candle holder as a goodbye gift.

Aside from these bonus features, his work proudly stood under a sequence of arches. He had advised a ‘setting’ in each cave in the Portobello Dock ie. a dining room, living room, and other features he wanted to highlight. His intricacy is totally fabulous. I love the way he incorporates metals and oils which touches on very deep environmental issues that we have today. Sphere8 were very clever combining their talents with Tom Dixon as they created the floors in each setting and throughout the dock space. They focus on resin floorings that are eco-friendly and have a seamless shine.

Tom Dixon sells a broad range of items such as tables, lamps, candles, chairs, but it was the lighting that stood out mostly for me. He uses metallics and other materials such as wax and oils that shimmer when light reflects and is soothing to be around. His work will instantly lift ones rooms’ aesthetic. Whether you opt for a splash of shimmer or floor-to-ceiling lustre, these pieces will ensure your interiors shine with style; he’s one to watch.

Letters and lamps

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Ever fancied your name in lights? Making Broadway may be a far-fetched dream but decorating your home with some personalised lettering is merely a shop away. These bold decorations show off personality in style. Using the letter of your first or family name will show every guest who’s space they are in. Not On the High Street in particular has an amazing selection of lights from different sellers which will match any style of interior. Not just confined to the home, this accessory is brilliant for weddings, parties and commercial interiors!

Turn that frown upside down


I found this jammy set up last week and it made me think how often people throw away old lamp shades due to a few rips or stains. These lamp shades have been given to the restaurant so they can group together this collection for free! Different coloured bulbs would make this even more quirkier but I really appreciate the idea that they are all upside down. Why be conventional when you can have this?


3 Simple ways to cosy up your interiors


With the prospect of spending even more time indoors it’s important to have a warm atmosphere in your home. The cold chill needs to be faded out…

1. Rug up

Floorboards or tiles are not much fun to walk on so grab yourself a hide or a rug that oozes with texture. Your feet won’t want to see those shoes on for long…


  1. Fire features

This is possibly the best part of winter. Grab a stool and get as close to the fire as possible. It brings everyone together. If you have a fireplace feature make it stand out loud and paint it a different colour to the walls.


  1. Lighten the mood

Get all moody with mood lighting. Forget the bright overhead lights and go for some sexy red lamp shades to sweeten the mood.