Coppa in Kitchens

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Copper is usually seen in lampshades, or crockery, or even a bath, but it never usually features in kitchens. These two photos are prime examples of why copper is such a great material to use. It bounces light like no other but also it’s easy to clean, modern and gives a room a sense of style. I love the way they have used copper pipes to hang their crockery on a truly inspirational setting. Funnily enough this metal is one of the only metals that is warm, steel and aluminium are terribly cold materials.




Raising the bar

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Are we the only ones totally in love with Bar Carts at the moment? Especially Brass Bars! There’s just something about the timeless elegance they bring to the table.

A snazzy Bar Cart to top off the look in your lounge is a must have. Whether you’re into collecting the finest of Whiskies or simply a Champagne on occasion kind of person; there’s a sense of 1950’s glam a Bar Cart introduces which every space desires.

Now that we’re approaching the festive season it’s not only time to jazz up your guest rooms, it’s time to enhance every corner of your space from the kitchen to… Well… The Bar Cart.

This season is all about the stand-out pieces.

Referring back to our ‘The magic of movement’ post – you really do not have to refurbish your whole entire space. You can simply elevate the stories in your space by making small alterations.

Ok, so we’re going a little off topic now. Spice up that Bar Cart if you’ve already got one. If you don’t; Raise the Bar and get your purchase on!

Have a look at West Elms Carts, they have a fantastic selection and believe it or not, IKEA also have pretty cool Bar Carts…Yep, we said it IKEA!



Tom Dixon’s Private Party

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One Tuesday night, Spicer Interiors was lucky enough to have been invited to Tom Dixon’s private launch party with cocktails and canopies being handed round as though it were out of fashion. From beginning to end, this zone was filled with aspiring Designers who got given freebies and one of Tom Dixon’s candle holder as a goodbye gift.

Aside from these bonus features, his work proudly stood under a sequence of arches. He had advised a ‘setting’ in each cave in the Portobello Dock ie. a dining room, living room, and other features he wanted to highlight. His intricacy is totally fabulous. I love the way he incorporates metals and oils which touches on very deep environmental issues that we have today. Sphere8 were very clever combining their talents with Tom Dixon as they created the floors in each setting and throughout the dock space. They focus on resin floorings that are eco-friendly and have a seamless shine.

Tom Dixon sells a broad range of items such as tables, lamps, candles, chairs, but it was the lighting that stood out mostly for me. He uses metallics and other materials such as wax and oils that shimmer when light reflects and is soothing to be around. His work will instantly lift ones rooms’ aesthetic. Whether you opt for a splash of shimmer or floor-to-ceiling lustre, these pieces will ensure your interiors shine with style; he’s one to watch.

Top made: Pics this week

fashion, interior design, Uncategorized is an online market place for designer furniture with up to a 70% discount. This is great for any savvy designer wanting the latest finds at a cheaper price. Here’s a look into some of the best pieces on the site this week!


This Alana mirror and hanging piece is perfect for any bedroom or wardrobe area. One of the hottest metallics of the moment, brass will keep your interior looking on trend and stylish. This would suit a minimalist interior to the T. This piece is also available in copper on the site.


his item is also from the Alana collection, definitely worth taking a look at all the items from this collection! I thought this was such a different idea for a single bed. Accessorized with white sheets and blush tone pillows, this bed would be perfect for all ages and looks great as a feature piece.


The Jenson collection is also one to watch this week! However, this bench really caught my eye as a great piece for an entry way or bedroom. With the added storage this makes such useful and stylish piece. The raw wood and grey fabric also make it versatile and effortlessly modern. This would look great mixed with other wooden items and a Scandinavian scheme.

Styling your kitchen

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The kitchen in most homes is the heart, where you spend time with the family and entertain guests. The most sacred room full of food, laughter and many a social gathering. Why not keep your kitchen in top condition so that it is a haven for you and your guests? By styling certain areas with simple changes you can create an interiors magazine worthy kitchen in your own home. Keeping a few pans out, providing they aren’t the result of a recipe gone wrong, can look natural and homely. Look out for copper or gold pans which not only look good but can last a lot longer than your average steel ones. Leafy greens not only look fresh and smell great but will make you look like the healthiest host, always a great look! Ikea have great solutions for hanging herbs or just tie them with string to a hanging rack for a more natural approach. Lastly keep a few bits out that you use a lot or are your favourite pieces for the kitchen, this will show personality and a lived in home which is welcoming for all guests. Keep your kitchen ready for any social occasion with these quick and simple changes!

Brassy notes

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Copper may have stolen centre stage for the metallic this season but brass is coming in close behind with a cheaper and long wearing solution. Brass mixes really well with whites and natural materials such as wool and copper which is easy to find and add to any interior. The minimal trend lends itself extremely well to brass as delicate furniture below shows. Smaller details as with any trend can be added into an existing styled room such as frames and lighting whereas if you are on the hunt for a more substantial piece why not add some statements like these gorgeous taps for an updated kitchen. Brass can come in many finishes so try your hand at rustic, chic or a mish mash of both for a stylish and modern interior.

Upcycle bathrooms


Why do most people go for conventional bathrooms? Is it the lack of ideas or the facing the unknown? You can get materials from junk yards that can give you items for free so then you can create a magnificent bathing area such as these two below:

In the first image, the tined wall was scrap metal and this is perfect for water resistance. They use a brass shower head that has been dented and pinned so that water can filter through it. The other materials in the bathroom are old pieces of stone, metal and wood that combine to make a fully working bathroom.

In the second image, they too combine wood and stone. They have been creative with their findings as they have carved a block of slate to make the rim of the shower base. This could be an easy thing to achieve.

Both these examples are intuitive and inspirational so I hope that you don’t feel as though you need that conventional, expensive bathroom. They are quirky and original, and in my opinion much more interesting.