‘Double up!’

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We like symmetry… It reflects a sense of structure, a sense of order that some spaces need. Now we’re not saying that every angle of your interior needs mirroring but what we are saying is that the odd twinning here and there strengthens the feel and look of a room without being an eyesore.

You’ll find that employing symmetry in a home can either make a room appear larger or at times even smaller. Well it depends on the patterns, colours and textures used in the space. But digging even deeper than that, Psychology would tell us symmetry influences the mind and has an impact on day to day behaviour.

Not only does symmetry simplify design; it also gives us balance and balance makes us happy. It invites harmony and the calm, a few assets that are extremely important to master in personal space.

So keep it simple and double up! Involve some mirroring; whether it’s your beside tables or the accessories on your dresser. Embrace symmetry and add balance to your space.



The magic of movement

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All it takes is movement, the right move. Redecorating is a way of expressing yourself, releasing your inner creativity. And the magic of movement is just the same. You can incorporate that ‘brand new/grand’ feel without purchasing up to the minute interior goods. All it takes is a little move… The dynamic of your whole entire space can change within hours, even minutes.

Why don’t you begin with large furniture and then play around with your accessories? Let’s start with the sofa & coffee table for example; moving it from one end of the room to the other will instantly alter your area.

Place the flower vase you’ve had sitting on your dining table in the centre of your marble fireplace. The reflection of the vase and flowers in your Zagora mirror will make everything feel and look extremely effective.

Understand the magic of moment and inject more life into your home without spending a dime.



Natures finest

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Natural wood will always be a staple for long life interior. It is never likely to go out of fashion as this material is great at its most natural state. It goes with the industrial and rustic trends as well as eclectic and shabby chic interiors. Upcycling can be a great way of introducing raw wooden items into your space as buying from retailers can be very expensive. However, second hand wooden pieces can be just as good quality as brand new and can add personality to your interior. Check out these inspiration images below for key items to spice up your space! I love how both pieces become the statement in the room and can be admired for their raw state.

Palette of the year: Moroccan Twist


Rose Quartz and Serenity; even the names sound trendy! These are the colours of 2016 and are alive and kicking within the interior design industry. A more interesting way of interpreting these colours is through the normally bright and punchy Moroccan interior. The quirky and complex style of a Moroccan interior lends itself well to a paired down colour scheme as the use of tones and shape can really come into play. Whether its using the colour on the walls or to accessorize the interior these two colours look stunning with this twist on them. Here is some inspiration of feature walls and a gorgeous throw from House of Rym.


DIY concrete plant pots


To prevent plants from falling through, squish or glue (concrete adhesive) wire mesh/chicken wire into bottom of the cinder block holes. This would look great in a small city garden, adding an accent colour of red to your dull outdoor space. This is contemporary and modern and ideal to use as a table.




I am totally MAD about shells. Check out these magnificent creatures! Go to Linda Fenwick Design if you want anything Shell-Interior Design related! These are panels that are being placed either side of my fireplace in my kitchen and they go so well with my paint choice. These are traditional in style; look how she has incorporated ‘swags and tails’ in her piece. These are not for you to miss. IMG_1958.jpg