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‘Pink is a uni-sex colour’

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Hate it or love it? Pink is becoming more and more welcomed by men and becoming much less femine. A splash of pink can liven up a living space. This pink door is idillyic whereas the pink shower is more striking. It depends how naughty your willing to go. The message of this story, is to not be scared of this colour because it traditionally belongs to a sex, explore your inner girl; and ladies your husband’s won’t moan for too long!


Woven woo

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From Bamboo to Mango Wood… Materials that’ll just never go out of style and will always create absolute timeless pieces. Such classic and authentic accents to any environment.
From Summer to Winter… Where their is a touch of woven wood, you’re space will always endure that fresh feel! Whether it’s a lighting accessory, window treatment or even flooring; your space will forever look and feel warmer without sidetracking your interior vibe.
Not only is this natural look stunning but the majority of these distinct pieces are Eco friendly…Mother Nature approved!
The effect works for almost every look, from Scandinavian, Rustic to Contemporary. This gives us the chance to touch base with our natural environment and make our space look amazing at same time.
Why don’t you try to introduce a little woven wood to your space this season? The organic textures exude a natural and relaxing feel. That touch of nature to your interior will always work wonders…Accentuate that space with a hint of Woven Woo!

Walk into Heaven

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Most girls dream of a walk in wardrobe, draws, mirrors and lights to make any rough morning look better. To make your dream space come to life think about what else you may use this space for – like getting ready in the morning or even combining it with a study zone. Somewhere private and calm can be achieved through light colours and a more shut away space with drawers and less open storage. However, if the walk in will serve one purpose maybe have more hanging space so you can see all of your pieces for a successful and quick morning routine. Lighting can make all the difference in mood; whether you want your clothes illuminated for easy selection or you want a more muted and romantic feel. This space can be made so personal and is really one area of the house where guests don’t have to see unless you really want to show them. So be creative and make it somewhere you can get ready in style!


Natures finest

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Natural wood will always be a staple for long life interior. It is never likely to go out of fashion as this material is great at its most natural state. It goes with the industrial and rustic trends as well as eclectic and shabby chic interiors. Upcycling can be a great way of introducing raw wooden items into your space as buying from retailers can be very expensive. However, second hand wooden pieces can be just as good quality as brand new and can add personality to your interior. Check out these inspiration images below for key items to spice up your space! I love how both pieces become the statement in the room and can be admired for their raw state.

Uncovering Cycle

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Sustainability in interior design can come in many forms. A common and accessible way to make the planet that little bit healthier is to upcycle your old furniture instead of throwing away and buying brand new pieces. There are many ways this can be done such as adding new nobs to old drawers or repainting into a shabby chic style! Annie Sloan has some of the widest ranges of chalk paint on the market which can fix you up with colour to your hearts content. So throw on some overalls and get your hands dirty to make your own furniture one of a kind!


Bring the inside out

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Switch it up this summer and take design outside! Making the most of your outdoor space will make those long warm evenings that little bit more special. Adding patterned cushions, throws and dining accessories will give a bohemian feel which would compliment any exterior space. Using a mis mash of new and found furniture, it will bring the look together and will be easy to add new pieces as the seasons change. Try these beautiful printed cushions from H&M Home for an instant outdoor facelift or push it further with up-cycled tables and chairs.


Trend Alert- Marble everything!

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Any avid Instagrammer will have noticed the influx of marble interiors and styling shots. The natural material has fast become one of the most stylish features for any interior, bringing a cool and sophisticated feel. Marble can be expensive when used in large quantities but if its just a small touch of style you want to add to your space, why not try smaller items such as pots or coasters.

Palette of the year: Moroccan Twist


Rose Quartz and Serenity; even the names sound trendy! These are the colours of 2016 and are alive and kicking within the interior design industry. A more interesting way of interpreting these colours is through the normally bright and punchy Moroccan interior. The quirky and complex style of a Moroccan interior lends itself well to a paired down colour scheme as the use of tones and shape can really come into play. Whether its using the colour on the walls or to accessorize the interior these two colours look stunning with this twist on them. Here is some inspiration of feature walls and a gorgeous throw from House of Rym.


Matchy Matchy


It’s great to see combinations of colour that match and these photos help with inspiration :). One does not need to be conventional when matching colours around a room… From artwork to pillows, to valences and curtain trimmings; the choice is endless but luckily your the person who can choose.