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Using the unexpected

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Industrial design is the hipster of the interior design world and continues to be cool and edgy through every season. If you want to be in with this clique, why not act out and expose some raw materials to give your home the quirk it needs. Whether its brushed concrete on the floor or exposed brickwork this trend of using the unexpected will make your space look unique and industrial. Not only are these design features sstunning, many are eco-friendly as well, in particular concrete floors which are long wearing and keep temperatures moderated. For furniture choices why not try upcycling wooden planks to use for a table top or using stainless steel as a worktop. Think lofty and old factory buildings and you’ll have the style spot on.

Natures finest

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Natural wood will always be a staple for long life interior. It is never likely to go out of fashion as this material is great at its most natural state. It goes with the industrial and rustic trends as well as eclectic and shabby chic interiors. Upcycling can be a great way of introducing raw wooden items into your space as buying from retailers can be very expensive. However, second hand wooden pieces can be just as good quality as brand new and can add personality to your interior. Check out these inspiration images below for key items to spice up your space! I love how both pieces become the statement in the room and can be admired for their raw state.

Turn that frown upside down


I found this jammy set up last week and it made me think how often people throw away old lamp shades due to a few rips or stains. These lamp shades have been given to the restaurant so they can group together this collection for free! Different coloured bulbs would make this even more quirkier but I really appreciate the idea that they are all upside down. Why be conventional when you can have this?


Upcycle bathrooms


Why do most people go for conventional bathrooms? Is it the lack of ideas or the facing the unknown? You can get materials from junk yards that can give you items for free so then you can create a magnificent bathing area such as these two below:

In the first image, the tined wall was scrap metal and this is perfect for water resistance. They use a brass shower head that has been dented and pinned so that water can filter through it. The other materials in the bathroom are old pieces of stone, metal and wood that combine to make a fully working bathroom.

In the second image, they too combine wood and stone. They have been creative with their findings as they have carved a block of slate to make the rim of the shower base. This could be an easy thing to achieve.

Both these examples are intuitive and inspirational so I hope that you don’t feel as though you need that conventional, expensive bathroom. They are quirky and original, and in my opinion much more interesting.