‘Double up!’

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We like symmetry… It reflects a sense of structure, a sense of order that some spaces need. Now we’re not saying that every angle of your interior needs mirroring but what we are saying is that the odd twinning here and there strengthens the feel and look of a room without being an eyesore.

You’ll find that employing symmetry in a home can either make a room appear larger or at times even smaller. Well it depends on the patterns, colours and textures used in the space. But digging even deeper than that, Psychology would tell us symmetry influences the mind and has an impact on day to day behaviour.

Not only does symmetry simplify design; it also gives us balance and balance makes us happy. It invites harmony and the calm, a few assets that are extremely important to master in personal space.

So keep it simple and double up! Involve some mirroring; whether it’s your beside tables or the accessories on your dresser. Embrace symmetry and add balance to your space.



Zooming in

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Having an open plan interior is many house owners dream. Bright open spaces where family or guests easily communicate can make for a social and inviting space. However, there is risk of the spaces all merging together and before you know it you’re cooking next to your sofa. Using zoning within any space, commercial or domestic, makes invisible walls between each area so to keep boundaries between living, eating and dining. By keeping the organisation quite structured you will easily be able to see where the living space ends and where the dining space starts. To combat a blocky look, use coordinating colours and patterns throughout the space to keep a cohesive feel.Stay tuned for the best 5 ways to zone an open space, coming soon!


Into The Blue

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Whether its navy, cobalt or royal; blue is making a fashionable comeback. Once confined to a little boy’s bedroom this colour has come back with a sophisticated edge. To regain masculinity within a room why not use a deep blue mixed with mustard accessories to bring across an on trend look. Great ways to use blue in an unexpected way are to have a feature wall or layer tones of blue for a unique feel. Too much blue is never enough so experiment with tones and pattern to create a look personal to you.


Palette of the year: Moroccan Twist


Rose Quartz and Serenity; even the names sound trendy! These are the colours of 2016 and are alive and kicking within the interior design industry. A more interesting way of interpreting these colours is through the normally bright and punchy Moroccan interior. The quirky and complex style of a Moroccan interior lends itself well to a paired down colour scheme as the use of tones and shape can really come into play. Whether its using the colour on the walls or to accessorize the interior these two colours look stunning with this twist on them. Here is some inspiration of feature walls and a gorgeous throw from House of Rym.


Relaxing window seats


Ever thought of filling up a space under a window? Look noooo further. Window seats are comfy, cosy yet also sociable.

This one is great as it’s framed in wood panelling. It is important to match your window seat to your decor so that it blends in well with your room. You can also use it as a storage unit and contain equipment within the space. Reading has never been so relaxing on one of these.

Cushions are made to fit with hundreds of different materials to choose from.

Window seats are just the one; it’s something you can’t ignore!