Beige is back

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For a few years now beige has been seen as ‘boring’, but alas it’s back but only if you throw some textures within it. This chalet vibe has been created using wooden panelling and dark wood as the floor, the lamp to the left, the stem being made of twigs blends superbly to it’s surrounding wood. This setting would not have been the same without the fur, and cosy rug so these two key components are crucial to the fung-shui of this room.



Kicking it back- boho chic

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Layer layer layer! Autumn is here and as well as piling on the layers of clothes you may want to add some cosy layers to your interior. Getting warm in this season goes brilliantly with the boho trend with no need to worry about clashing or being too precious about your placement. Layering textures and patterns will add dimension and interest to any room you choose. Think fur, knit and rustic woods to decorate your space. The natural textures will give an organic yet modern feel and you’ll be bang on trend for autumn/winter 2016.

John Lewis croft collection

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“Our Croft collection is beautiful and considered. Neutral palette in palette, tactile by nature, it evokes a relaxed feel you’ll love to come home to forever”

John Lewis Croft collection is a stylish and on trend collection which features a lot of natural materials and soft colours. The collection features marble, pine and glass in the most recent kitchen edit which amps up kitchen design to be more practical as well as being stylish. Walking past this collection is a crime when browsing the wonderland that is John Lewis. The simplicity of the collection lends itself to any interior to make it updated and stylish. Try to tear your eyes off of the classy marble or simplistic woodwork for a second to look at wire baskets and beautiful crockery. You will not regret having a hunt for these treasures!

The faith and flower- Los Angeles

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Inspiration really can come from anywhere and where you eat is no exception. Faith and Flower located in Los Angeles was designed by AvroKODesigns and shows a stunning mix of modern and 1920’s design. The fine dining experience will capture all of your senses. From the high ceilings and vintage mustard sofas to the seared ocean trout that’s just landed on your plate, you will truly be treated when dining here. Using full length curtains mixed with hanging pendant lights make the space feel opulent without being overwhelming from the incredibly high ceilings. This mixed with precise uniformity of tables and seating makes the open space feel structured and clean cut to suit its suave vibe. This restaurant has been designed to be creative and individual without being loud and startling. The mix of yellow, green and grey is not common but suits the slightly industrial theme to a T. Definitely worth a visit or if you’re not so lucky just a scroll through their website will set your design senses alive.

Midnight Moments

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We’ve talked about blue before but as autumn and winter approaches midnight blue is set to be on trend and a must have for the upcoming season. Going against the grain of using warmer tones for this season, midnight blue will add a glamorous icy feel to your interior, perfect for upcoming festivities. To add a softness to this new scheme try using thick knits and mixing it with a white print.

By the Fire side

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Cosy up by the fire and grab a cup of hot chocolate! The days are getting shorter and the nights colder so it’s time to dust off your fireplace and accessorise it for the upcoming season. Whether it’s a formal or informal space we’ve got you covered for some simple ways to style your fireplace. For a relaxed, cosy and chilled out vibe layer pillows, throws and a fluffy rug to make an area to relax and enjoy a spot of reading or friendly chit chat. For a more formal area leave the opening clear by using decorative storage to hold pokers and other fire lighting accessories. A large chair and shorter rug will give the cosy feel without compromising on sleek style. All this talk to relaxing has got us excited for the colder seasons, check out our social media accounts for more inspiration pics!


Early autumnal furs

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Although autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22nd we are already dreaming of fall décor over here! So hold off on the leaf wreaths and pumpkin candles for a little while but do indulge in some fury comforts for the beginning of the new season. Synthetic fur accessories can come in a wide variety of price ranges depending on the authenticity ad scale but there’s something for everyone. To add to a cosy corner why not try put some fluffy pillows and a throw to snuggle into on the cold evenings. For a bolder statement try covering a chair with fur and exposing some of the framework for a Scandinavian twist. Fur works well with a whole host of trends including many we have mentioned on the blog before! So check out some our previous posts on copper, exposed wood and many other styles for some early autumn inspiration.


Focus On: Patterned Tiles

I know, the title may sound like a chapter in a DIY book found in the back of the library but
stay with me! Once a design feature of cluttered kitchens and Victorian-esc buildings, the
patterned tile has been reinvented into a must have for any modern interior. Whether it’s an old bathroom in need of some detail or a brand new minimalist kitchen with a feature wall, the patterned tiles are thriving. Tiling a large space can be scary so why not try under a counter or between each step in a staircase? Big or small, patterned tiles will surely bring
some detail into any interior.

Let it flow



Sometimes it’s important to just let nature takes its course; so let it flow. The textures within this shot and the back wall all overlap and intwine. Ivy looks smashing on a white brick wall. It has a french vibe, but even a ‘cold’ back wall in this setting looks warm, and it’s not just due to the textures… So liven up something that’s presumed as being harsh.

Inspiration of the day:



Conservatories are so inviting and this is exactly where I want to be on evenings. Now that daylight is getting longer, these warm, light space bubbles are the perfect hideout. I love the webbed backing to the chair, dressed with moroccan pillows and sheepskin hides. The patterns are subtle with accents of blue, red and yellow. The plants allow the accent colour of green to be within the scheme. This neutral blend is textures with soft woods, soft wool and cotton.


Dream of destinations like this, as I am..>!