Coppa in Kitchens

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Copper is usually seen in lampshades, or crockery, or even a bath, but it never usually features in kitchens. These two photos are prime examples of why copper is such a great material to use. It bounces light like no other but also it’s easy to clean, modern and gives a room a sense of style. I love the way they have used copper pipes to hang their crockery on a truly inspirational setting. Funnily enough this metal is one of the only metals that is warm, steel and aluminium are terribly cold materials.




Inked up

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Tattoos have always been a thing, but here’s now to inking on walls.


Who says this cannot be done? You can buy wallpaper paste or just put off-white/grey wallpaper on the walls and ink it yourself. It may take some time but a bit of DIY won’t harm anyone. Having it in a bedroom would look really stylish. Perhaps pink for a baby girl’s bedroom?  Just throwing around some ideas and thoughts to ponder on. This is a tattoo you will never regret.



The faith and flower- Los Angeles

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Inspiration really can come from anywhere and where you eat is no exception. Faith and Flower located in Los Angeles was designed by AvroKODesigns and shows a stunning mix of modern and 1920’s design. The fine dining experience will capture all of your senses. From the high ceilings and vintage mustard sofas to the seared ocean trout that’s just landed on your plate, you will truly be treated when dining here. Using full length curtains mixed with hanging pendant lights make the space feel opulent without being overwhelming from the incredibly high ceilings. This mixed with precise uniformity of tables and seating makes the open space feel structured and clean cut to suit its suave vibe. This restaurant has been designed to be creative and individual without being loud and startling. The mix of yellow, green and grey is not common but suits the slightly industrial theme to a T. Definitely worth a visit or if you’re not so lucky just a scroll through their website will set your design senses alive.

Mustard musings

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Continuing with the notions of food here’s some mustard inspiration for your interior, and no we don’t mean how to compliment a hot dog on a summers evening. Whether it’s a splash of fresh colour or a whole new scheme, mustard is sure to bring a sophisticated and stylish feel to your room. Navy compliments mustard perfectly so if it’s a small change you want why not try adding a splash of mustard in the form of a throw or pillow set in front of a navy base. H&M home is a great place to find mustard in pillows, throws and other accessories at a brilliant price. I love this idea of painting the radiator for a pop of colour from a non-traditional place. Try going for something untraditional to change up your interior and choosing mustard for the inspo will make it all the more modern.

Interactive Kitchens


Let’s face it the kitchen is the focal point of every home; the hub of activity where children always manage to get under your toes. Here’s a few ideas for you to play around with in your kitchen to give children another alternative than unpinning your apron.



An interactive world map. You can start pinning your “been-to destinations” or your top five places to visit.


A blackboard can be useful to both you and your kids… just choose the best colours!


This stylish kitchen has a level made especially for children. They can park a stool and doodle and still be in your reach…. What a perfect situation!