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So here’s an exclusive blog post written purely about our new products that we have up-cycled with a flair and twist of madness. Do get in touch via our website if this tickles your fancy. Prices etc. are all listed on


Using the unexpected

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Industrial design is the hipster of the interior design world and continues to be cool and edgy through every season. If you want to be in with this clique, why not act out and expose some raw materials to give your home the quirk it needs. Whether its brushed concrete on the floor or exposed brickwork this trend of using the unexpected will make your space look unique and industrial. Not only are these design features sstunning, many are eco-friendly as well, in particular concrete floors which are long wearing and keep temperatures moderated. For furniture choices why not try upcycling wooden planks to use for a table top or using stainless steel as a worktop. Think lofty and old factory buildings and you’ll have the style spot on.

Full on Quirk

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To quirk or not to quirk? That is the question. Are we the only ones who have noticed how everyone is eager to be unique? Well… this isn’t only based on personalities, we all want our spaces to be authentic too.
Many want that striking interior without having to fork out millions. We believe a great way to step into ‘full on quirk’ is by up-cycling or investing in a local up-cycler.
Revamping your old furniture is simply a way of stepping from the old to the new. It also gives you the opportunity to display your inner creativity.
You’d be surprised at how much your space can change after a little touch. The up-cycling trend is forever growing! The simple things will transform your home from that basic ‘Zara Home’ house to a ‘Full on quirk’ palace.
Have your kitchen cabinets sprayed in a snazzy gloss or you could easily change your knobs and handles. Why not change the top on that IKEA dining table and have a beautiful Carrera finish. Your space will literally go from bland to grand!

Uncovering Cycle

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Sustainability in interior design can come in many forms. A common and accessible way to make the planet that little bit healthier is to upcycle your old furniture instead of throwing away and buying brand new pieces. There are many ways this can be done such as adding new nobs to old drawers or repainting into a shabby chic style! Annie Sloan has some of the widest ranges of chalk paint on the market which can fix you up with colour to your hearts content. So throw on some overalls and get your hands dirty to make your own furniture one of a kind!


Bring the inside out

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Switch it up this summer and take design outside! Making the most of your outdoor space will make those long warm evenings that little bit more special. Adding patterned cushions, throws and dining accessories will give a bohemian feel which would compliment any exterior space. Using a mis mash of new and found furniture, it will bring the look together and will be easy to add new pieces as the seasons change. Try these beautiful printed cushions from H&M Home for an instant outdoor facelift or push it further with up-cycled tables and chairs.