‘Double up!’

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We like symmetry… It reflects a sense of structure, a sense of order that some spaces need. Now we’re not saying that every angle of your interior needs mirroring but what we are saying is that the odd twinning here and there strengthens the feel and look of a room without being an eyesore.

You’ll find that employing symmetry in a home can either make a room appear larger or at times even smaller. Well it depends on the patterns, colours and textures used in the space. But digging even deeper than that, Psychology would tell us symmetry influences the mind and has an impact on day to day behaviour.

Not only does symmetry simplify design; it also gives us balance and balance makes us happy. It invites harmony and the calm, a few assets that are extremely important to master in personal space.

So keep it simple and double up! Involve some mirroring; whether it’s your beside tables or the accessories on your dresser. Embrace symmetry and add balance to your space.



Inked up

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Tattoos have always been a thing, but here’s now to inking on walls.


Who says this cannot be done? You can buy wallpaper paste or just put off-white/grey wallpaper on the walls and ink it yourself. It may take some time but a bit of DIY won’t harm anyone. Having it in a bedroom would look really stylish. Perhaps pink for a baby girl’s bedroom?  Just throwing around some ideas and thoughts to ponder on. This is a tattoo you will never regret.



Focus on- Cole and son

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From geometric to classic, Cole and Son has the entire spectrum of design covered in their wallpaper archives. Founded in 1875 this British firm has heritage and royalty linked to its name. Cole and Son have done so well at staying modern and current, not succumbing to the old fuddy duddy prints they could easily produce over and over again. Their most recent collection – Curio – shows beautiful metallics in classic styles to add a modern twist. Splurging on a few rolls of Cole and Sons masterful designs would set your interior off effortlessly and create a talking point for all that enter. Whether it’s a cult favourite like the Woods print or a fresh new design like Zebrawood, your interior will benefit from a touch of this timeless company.

Focus On Palm Print


Palm leaf pattern is everywhere; stationary, wallpaper, décor and even crockery. So its no surprise that I had to look a little deeper into this trend to find the best inspiration for an interior uplift. H&M home has devoted an entire collection to the palm leaves pattern which includes curtains, cushions and natural fabrics to compliment the print. This is great for anyone who already has a cream or neutral base to their room, and wants to spice it up to be on trend and look fresh. However, if you really want to push the boat out you could try a feature wall of this printed wallpaper from Lemon, specifically their Botany collection. This will add impact to your space and look really stunning with brass accessories and other natural shades. Palm leaf pattern has come a long way since the likes of a colonial interior and I don’t see any signs of it slowing down.



Explore your comforts



This wallpaper has been in this property for over 78 years! With a touch of paint to freshen it up it subtly corresponds with the scheme. Soft greys take authority for the larger pieces of furniture, whilst metallic golds reflect light outwards. The textures here are warm and inviting. It’s important not to have the same textures throughout, and instead a varied amount of lush fabrics. The symmetry of the books here are important to make your eyes zoom in on the bowls, sofa and pillow arrangements.

Hotels have finally broken the seal…


5* Hotels are typically known to be beige, boring and classy in style. This hotel however is somewhat different. The tribal, gorilla wallpaper blends nicely with the teak wooden doors that stand tall. This also matches the front desk with gold gilding and a marble top tying in with the pattern of the wallpaper.

A round of applause for the genius who broke the hotel agreement seal.