Raising the bar

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Are we the only ones totally in love with Bar Carts at the moment? Especially Brass Bars! There’s just something about the timeless elegance they bring to the table.

A snazzy Bar Cart to top off the look in your lounge is a must have. Whether you’re into collecting the finest of Whiskies or simply a Champagne on occasion kind of person; there’s a sense of 1950’s glam a Bar Cart introduces which every space desires.

Now that we’re approaching the festive season it’s not only time to jazz up your guest rooms, it’s time to enhance every corner of your space from the kitchen to… Well… The Bar Cart.

This season is all about the stand-out pieces.

Referring back to our ‘The magic of movement’ post – you really do not have to refurbish your whole entire space. You can simply elevate the stories in your space by making small alterations.

Ok, so we’re going a little off topic now. Spice up that Bar Cart if you’ve already got one. If you don’t; Raise the Bar and get your purchase on!

Have a look at West Elms Carts, they have a fantastic selection and believe it or not, IKEA also have pretty cool Bar Carts…Yep, we said it IKEA!



Pad out your guest room

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It’s that time of the year again where guests come from far and wide to come and visit you in the winter months so it’s important to keep your guest room looking tip top. In fact there are three ways of doing this:


  1. Add a throw and some pillows
  2. Add some flowers in a vase
  3. Get cosy dressing gowns and towels (nobody likes a rough towel)



Moody botanics

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If you loved our earlier blog post on botanicals, then you’ll love our ideas on how to update this for the colder seasons. Darker evenings bring a sense of romance and intrigue with candles and darker colours for you interior. Deep purple, teal and the odd touch of grey or black will bring this summery theme into the autumnal weather with style. Marks and Spencer have a new range with some beautiful dark botanical pieces to spice up a summery interior. On the other hand, you can simply add a darker throw and cushions to an existing bed set (the ultimate designer cheat). This trend is huge in many high street stores so whether big or small you can add a few moody botanicals touches to your interior.

Autumn inspiration!

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As summer winds down, the evening get darker and the purpose of you home changes. No longer are doors flung open with friends mingling between the kitchen and garden. Time to cosy up in the warm and relax! Transitioning your interior is easy and can come at any price point you desire. Throws are great as an aesthetic but are much nicer wrapped around yourself with a cup of coffee in hand. Maybe try tartan … Tartan always makes a triumphant return in the fall season both in interiors and fashion. Choosing more unusual blends like the ones below will add warmth and a lightness that can be lost in the darker evenings.  Candles, a leaf wreath or two and some sprayed pumpkins from Halloween are so simple to come by and will leave your home feeling as autumnal and the changing leaves outside.

‘Dinner the Dining Room’

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Lets focus on table dressing… At Spicer we absolutely love a shindig, love hosting & love dressing a table! As the season changes, it is the perfect time to start hosting those ab fab dinner parties in your dining room. Now that the sun is slowly disappearing, we are totally over bar hoping in the evenings (until summer ’17)
Instead; we’d rather host or attend a dinner parties filled with yummy food, great company and most of all amazing attention to interior detail!

As the temperature drops a little, we should try to incorporate that mellow and snug feel in our homes. Using rich tones will allow you to achieve this in the middle of winter. Focus on the Burgundies, deep Greens, burnt Oranges, Navies with hints of Rose Golds and/or rustic Brass. Adding texture to your table will also allow you to invite that cosy yet formal feel around the table.

The Conran shop have a fantastic range of exclusive place mats which’ll instantly add character to your table. Also using accessories such a candle holders in the center of the table alongside a stunning statement vase with either faux or genuine flowers will instantly lift the look on the table.
Graham and green have a great range of Agate slices which can be used a coasters, champagne flutes and an amazing range of Faux Flowers. Check them out!

Ohh go on… Pull out the Crystal glasses, gorgeous plates, Merlot bottles hiding in the cellar and invite guests around for some ‘Dinner in the Dining room’.



Midnight Moments

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We’ve talked about blue before but as autumn and winter approaches midnight blue is set to be on trend and a must have for the upcoming season. Going against the grain of using warmer tones for this season, midnight blue will add a glamorous icy feel to your interior, perfect for upcoming festivities. To add a softness to this new scheme try using thick knits and mixing it with a white print.

By the Fire side

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Cosy up by the fire and grab a cup of hot chocolate! The days are getting shorter and the nights colder so it’s time to dust off your fireplace and accessorise it for the upcoming season. Whether it’s a formal or informal space we’ve got you covered for some simple ways to style your fireplace. For a relaxed, cosy and chilled out vibe layer pillows, throws and a fluffy rug to make an area to relax and enjoy a spot of reading or friendly chit chat. For a more formal area leave the opening clear by using decorative storage to hold pokers and other fire lighting accessories. A large chair and shorter rug will give the cosy feel without compromising on sleek style. All this talk to relaxing has got us excited for the colder seasons, check out our social media accounts for more inspiration pics!


Woven woo

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From Bamboo to Mango Wood… Materials that’ll just never go out of style and will always create absolute timeless pieces. Such classic and authentic accents to any environment.
From Summer to Winter… Where their is a touch of woven wood, you’re space will always endure that fresh feel! Whether it’s a lighting accessory, window treatment or even flooring; your space will forever look and feel warmer without sidetracking your interior vibe.
Not only is this natural look stunning but the majority of these distinct pieces are Eco friendly…Mother Nature approved!
The effect works for almost every look, from Scandinavian, Rustic to Contemporary. This gives us the chance to touch base with our natural environment and make our space look amazing at same time.
Why don’t you try to introduce a little woven wood to your space this season? The organic textures exude a natural and relaxing feel. That touch of nature to your interior will always work wonders…Accentuate that space with a hint of Woven Woo!