Scandi Vibes

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By placing greenery or even white washing the walls,  your pad can transform into the new-aged Scandinavian metropolis. Everything is minimal and  rugged by using mixed natural materials such as wood and fur. Be closer to the earth by having just a mattress on the floor. These people that suit these living arrangements are relaxed, happy beings, so if this is something you feel is missing form your life, it’s time to have a re-deisgn.

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Beige is back

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For a few years now beige has been seen as ‘boring’, but alas it’s back but only if you throw some textures within it. This chalet vibe has been created using wooden panelling and dark wood as the floor, the lamp to the left, the stem being made of twigs blends superbly to it’s surrounding wood. This setting would not have been the same without the fur, and cosy rug so these two key components are crucial to the fung-shui of this room.



Luchetti Krelle

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Sydney based Luchetti Krelle endeavours to offer a total concept; this includes branding and identity design, customised furniture and fitting design, salvaging and appropriation and even sourcing site locations. The result is unique and customised spaces that respond to client briefs and anticipate future trends whilst acknowledging current international design styles.

Imagine having this on your bedroom ceiling as a kid. This is what dreams are made out of, literally… His work is a whole new level of wavey garms. I actually believe that the new thing is having flooring on your ceiling.


Blue Karma Resort

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In the heart of Bali lies a beautiful resort that has been designed using a huge range of woods such as bamboo and wicker. Put a flame to it as you really will see colour, but thankfully we don’t need too as this place already has colour that resinates deep into the wood.



Place to GO: Soho house Barcelona

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If your planning a trip to Barcelona any time soon, I highly recommend you to check out Soho House. It’s designed beautifully adding elements of colour and textures throughout their rooms. Nothing is left untouched and the attention to detail is like no other. Exposed brickwork allows a room to automatically feel old and authentic so this is something you should not cover up. The lights look like pooky lights (a shop you should check out if you haven’t already) as they are beautifully crafted with bright shades and quirky patterns. It’s a lush environment to sit back and relax.



Kicking it back- boho chic

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Layer layer layer! Autumn is here and as well as piling on the layers of clothes you may want to add some cosy layers to your interior. Getting warm in this season goes brilliantly with the boho trend with no need to worry about clashing or being too precious about your placement. Layering textures and patterns will add dimension and interest to any room you choose. Think fur, knit and rustic woods to decorate your space. The natural textures will give an organic yet modern feel and you’ll be bang on trend for autumn/winter 2016.

Creative spaces

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With many creatives off to university this month it’s a great time to look at creative spaces which will make the ideas flow. Having a section of any room you desire dedicated to creativity and personal exploration is so important to escape to and indulge yourself in your passions. Some great ways to keep this space organised (especially if you are a stationary hoarder like me) is to have lots of boxes and hidden spaces to make your chaos a little bit more manageable. I love the first image below which has reclaimed wooden shelves and steel piping for a raw feel. This is such a personal space so make it whatever you want to be! Try mixing personal items with your tools to make the space seem less workshop like and blend well with you overall interior style. If you fear eccentric, then rejoice at the creative example on the right which shows a chic creative space with a minimalist style. Any style, any room, any size, a creative space is exactly what the doctor ordered this semester.

Mixing mid century

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Midcentury style is all the rage in the interior design world this year. The sleek and simple styles look great on their own or mixed with older and newer styles, perfect for an instant uplift! Popularity of this style has meant you can access this style at any price range (so no excuses). sells a huge range of larger furniture pieces but even Primark can give you a cheap solution to this style. We love the mid-century lounging chairs to add comfort and style to any corner of your home. Cover with a pillow or two, as any interior lover would, and this will become the most fashionable place to relax. Leaving raw wood exposed or a quick lick of paint will personalize these pieces to suit your own style.


Rural in the City

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Ever just feel like you love the city but the country has your heart? Well why not incorporate a rural/country feel within your space.

Yes, rural in your city space. You can do it, you can do whatever you like to your space. At spicer we say ‘Ditch the trend following and just follow your homes heart’ . The minute you take that on board, you will not only find but also feel the beauty of YOUR interior space.

So wether you’re after a rural feel in the middle of the city or a city feel in a country home.. go for just that!

Warm hues and rich textures will help invite that country feel to your space. Why not try Farrow and Balls ‘Stony Ground’ on your walls alongside ‘Wimborne White’ in an Eggshell finish on your woodwork?

Follow your interiors heart. Go ‘Rural in the City’



Woven woo

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From Bamboo to Mango Wood… Materials that’ll just never go out of style and will always create absolute timeless pieces. Such classic and authentic accents to any environment.
From Summer to Winter… Where their is a touch of woven wood, you’re space will always endure that fresh feel! Whether it’s a lighting accessory, window treatment or even flooring; your space will forever look and feel warmer without sidetracking your interior vibe.
Not only is this natural look stunning but the majority of these distinct pieces are Eco friendly…Mother Nature approved!
The effect works for almost every look, from Scandinavian, Rustic to Contemporary. This gives us the chance to touch base with our natural environment and make our space look amazing at same time.
Why don’t you try to introduce a little woven wood to your space this season? The organic textures exude a natural and relaxing feel. That touch of nature to your interior will always work wonders…Accentuate that space with a hint of Woven Woo!