Sourcing in Morocco


A few days ago I came back from Morocco. Here I was sourcing all sorts of things such as lights, rugs, pillows etc. Beneath are a few things I found or designs that I appreciated, so I hope you do to. Top right shows a man weaving to create a rug that I was lucky enough to be shown. There is something so unique about the Moroccan was of styling. There are two rooms that have been completed with all the necessary pieces to draw the scheme together. This chair was my absolute favourite however, a little too pricey even for my bargaining technique!

IMG_1773 IMG_1817

IMG_1820 T IMG_1831 IMG_1843 IMG_1868 IMG_1872

Trim trim



It is the finer detail that really sell a masterpiece. Trimmings are possibly my favourite part of the scheme as they make it whole. I found this lovely hand stitched trimming with pom-poms. Unfortunately it was only available if you bought 6 metres of it! I just couldn’t justify it, and it was incredibly expensive.

I encourage many textile fans to make their own, or indeed start a business, but please not too expensive!!

“I like the wayyyy you feeeeeel”


IMG_1661 IMG_1662

Textured wallpaper is the way forward! This wallpaper is going in my sitting room. It is fabric but with a waxy tone. It can look dark and heavy but, I am only having two walls covered in this whilst the other wall is floor length white cupboards so this won’t look as heavy as the picture shown. There is something so cozy about having an upholstered wall, and to nuzzle up to in the winter months.

GO on be be daring