Hotels have finally broken the seal…


5* Hotels are typically known to be beige, boring and classy in style. This hotel however is somewhat different. The tribal, gorilla wallpaper blends nicely with the teak wooden doors that stand tall. This also matches the front desk with gold gilding and a marble top tying in with the pattern of the wallpaper.

A round of applause for the genius who broke the hotel agreement seal.


DIY concrete plant pots


To prevent plants from falling through, squish or glue (concrete adhesive) wire mesh/chicken wire into bottom of the cinder block holes. This would look great in a small city garden, adding an accent colour of red to your dull outdoor space. This is contemporary and modern and ideal to use as a table.


Matchy Matchy


It’s great to see combinations of colour that match and these photos help with inspiration :). One does not need to be conventional when matching colours around a room… From artwork to pillows, to valences and curtain trimmings; the choice is endless but luckily your the person who can choose.



Let it flow



Sometimes it’s important to just let nature takes its course; so let it flow. The textures within this shot and the back wall all overlap and intwine. Ivy looks smashing on a white brick wall. It has a french vibe, but even a ‘cold’ back wall in this setting looks warm, and it’s not just due to the textures… So liven up something that’s presumed as being harsh.

Found in THAILAND!




This quirky little number was found in Thailand! The wood carving and creativity is superb. What a fun way to sit at a bar with friends. We need to think more out of the box, theres too many rectangular shapes these days; let’s go back to basics and start ripping things out of the wood work….