Into The Blue

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Whether its navy, cobalt or royal; blue is making a fashionable comeback. Once confined to a little boy’s bedroom this colour has come back with a sophisticated edge. To regain masculinity within a room why not use a deep blue mixed with mustard accessories to bring across an on trend look. Great ways to use blue in an unexpected way are to have a feature wall or layer tones of blue for a unique feel. Too much blue is never enough so experiment with tones and pattern to create a look personal to you.


‘Let your space do the talking’

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Minimal what? Minimal who? This season is all about the eclectic, the prints, the bold. No body wants to play safe anymore. The Suns been beaming and inspiring us all to go colourful. I mean sticking to Ammonite, Skimming Stone or Dimity on your walls is absolutely fine but you are aloud to add a little character in your space. Let your space do the talking!

At Spicer Interiors we are firm believers in your space being a representation of you! So why on earth have a space that says ‘Hey, I’m Plain Jane’? You want your house to yell ‘Welcome to MY space’!

We understand a lot of people plan to resell their properties eventually or even rent. This is the reason everyone can get away with making their house a home without having walls covered in Charlottes Locks and Arsenic. It’s all in the furniture and accessories guys.

Simply adding a rug and cluster of cushions and pictures on the wall, works wonders!

Graham and Green have an amazing range of authentic rugs, all sourced in exotic parts of the world. They’ve also got a great range of cushions and picture frames… Ohhh and they’re extremely reasonably priced!

So yes, you can go for all the safe options on your walls but step out of your comfort zone a little when it comes to furnishing and accessorising. Accentuate your space with diverse pieces.

Let your space do the talking!


Too Much is Never enough!

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We are all victims of having too much “stuff”. Whether its clothes, shoes or just the general accumulation of odds and ends throughout the years it sometimes oversteps its boundaries to make for a very cluttered space. Option 1 is to be brutal and minimise your collection but if that’s just not your style try making some clever storage solutions so you can keep all the bits you may one day need in the future. These boxes from Danish brand Hay make storage colourful and can be kept out – bonus! For more permanent storage idea why not add some shelving into smaller spaces to utilize the height of the room.


Don’t turn a blind eye to this!

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Plain and boring no more; blinds can be any shape colour or style you wish so why not bring them into a room for a practical and easy solution. Moroccan style blinds and shutters have been on the rise to give a quirky edge to a very average household necessity. The intricate shapes of the blind itself or pattern can add detail to a room in the most unlikely place. Adding a sheer curtain and fringed ties can make a stunning feature window area.


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Uncovering Cycle

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Sustainability in interior design can come in many forms. A common and accessible way to make the planet that little bit healthier is to upcycle your old furniture instead of throwing away and buying brand new pieces. There are many ways this can be done such as adding new nobs to old drawers or repainting into a shabby chic style! Annie Sloan has some of the widest ranges of chalk paint on the market which can fix you up with colour to your hearts content. So throw on some overalls and get your hands dirty to make your own furniture one of a kind!


Trend Alert- Copper

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If you haven’t seen copper blasting through the interiors and lifestyle industry then you must be under a rock! Similar to rose gold this metal has changed up the norm of silver or gold to really bring out a modern touch in accessories and fixtures. Bowls, lamp shades, picture frames and stationary have all been touched by the copper magic. A whole house could be decorated in copper but that may be slight overload so for now maybe start with a string of lights from Anthropologie or some decorative bowls to spice up a tired room.


Bring the inside out

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Switch it up this summer and take design outside! Making the most of your outdoor space will make those long warm evenings that little bit more special. Adding patterned cushions, throws and dining accessories will give a bohemian feel which would compliment any exterior space. Using a mis mash of new and found furniture, it will bring the look together and will be easy to add new pieces as the seasons change. Try these beautiful printed cushions from H&M Home for an instant outdoor facelift or push it further with up-cycled tables and chairs.


50 shades of Blush

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Blush pink has been dominating the fashion world and is now moving into the interiors game. This wash of colour along with grey and a splash of copper give a slouchy yet cool feel to any room in the house. Layering these colours in the bedroom with duvets and cushions oozes effortless style. Add a hanging pendant light and a few copper accessories and you have the perfect scheme! The cool tones of grey and shades of blush are balanced by the warm copper. To bring the look outside of the bedroom you can tone down the blush and really bring through the grey and white to have a more masculine look.



Focus On: Patterned Tiles

I know, the title may sound like a chapter in a DIY book found in the back of the library but
stay with me! Once a design feature of cluttered kitchens and Victorian-esc buildings, the
patterned tile has been reinvented into a must have for any modern interior. Whether it’s an old bathroom in need of some detail or a brand new minimalist kitchen with a feature wall, the patterned tiles are thriving. Tiling a large space can be scary so why not try under a counter or between each step in a staircase? Big or small, patterned tiles will surely bring
some detail into any interior.

Trend Alert- Marble everything!

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Any avid Instagrammer will have noticed the influx of marble interiors and styling shots. The natural material has fast become one of the most stylish features for any interior, bringing a cool and sophisticated feel. Marble can be expensive when used in large quantities but if its just a small touch of style you want to add to your space, why not try smaller items such as pots or coasters.