My House



As you can see this is what my kitchen, dining space looks at the moment. This room leads onto the conservatory, the door space is small, I will open this up and turn it into an arch. This space originally was divided in two. The change of wallpaper tells all. One side was a dining room, and the other was a small long kitchen. I have opened this us to make it a large open planned downstairs space. The window space in here is fantastic. Before the wall was knocked down, there was little light in the kitchen. Having a large kitchen is a massive bonus :)!



This is my downstairs loo. This too was much smaller, and I have taken down a wall so it can be bigger. In the guest loo, this is your only time that a guest can have time to themselves, and it must make a huge impression. I have a wonderful idea for this space, so watch out for the improvements!



This sitting room had huge leaks from a drainpipe outside. This will all be re-plastered with mouldings. I have ideas for the window treatment, such as half shutters. They look incredibly smart, yet they produce amazing linear light lines.