Luchetti Krelle

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Sydney based Luchetti Krelle endeavours to offer a total concept; this includes branding and identity design, customised furniture and fitting design, salvaging and appropriation and even sourcing site locations. The result is unique and customised spaces that respond to client briefs and anticipate future trends whilst acknowledging current international design styles.

Imagine having this on your bedroom ceiling as a kid. This is what dreams are made out of, literally… His work is a whole new level of wavey garms. I actually believe that the new thing is having flooring on your ceiling.


Taking on Tiger

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Flying Tiger Copenhagen (formerly Tiger) is heaven on earth. Okay okay, exaggeration aside Tiger offers a huge range of interior accessories for unbeatable prices. They have a minimalist style however so many of their items can be brought into any style of interior and personalised. Tigers unique range of products makes them exciting and innovative making the peculiar a necessity. You may go in for a notebook and come out with fingers rubbers and coconut ice cream but that’s the Tiger way, it’s a fun experience with some great products. My best finds this month were a gorgeous ladder which comes in oak or black steel and some ever handy copper wire boxes!


Black and Gold

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Doing the morning scan of Pinterest can unveil some gems of design that you may not have considered before! These black and gold inspiration images show how some quite daring colours and metallics can be mixed for style and glamour. Both modern and traditional styles can suite this scheme to bring through a feel of indulgence. The pipe work works really well with the gold covering as it becomes a feature instead of an eye sore. So whilst your trying to wake up why not have a scroll through Pinterest for some morning inspiration and try out some black and gold twists!