Scandi Vibes

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By placing greenery or even white washing the walls,  your pad can transform into the new-aged Scandinavian metropolis. Everything is minimal and  rugged by using mixed natural materials such as wood and fur. Be closer to the earth by having just a mattress on the floor. These people that suit these living arrangements are relaxed, happy beings, so if this is something you feel is missing form your life, it’s time to have a re-deisgn.

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Being boho

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For an eclectic and exciting interior twist for summer try adding some bohemian prints to compliment your space. Baba Souk has an amazing array of bohemian printed décor pieces in every colour under the rainbow. Although they are on the pricier end of the scale you would only need one or two to add an edgy twist to your space. The gorgeous blend of colours creates interest and a cultural spin to your interior. Small details like pompoms and more delicate prints can give the bohemian feel without being too loud, this is great for an already colourful interior. So make yourself look well-travelled and add some boho into your home, a little white lie you won’t regret!

Hopping continents- From Africa to America




1. Consider the Ceiling
Much character can be added from above. The hand-painted chevron pattern pays homage to a classic Moroccan design, while gnarled, 17th-century beams from Provence give the appearance of a structure being taken back by nature.

2. Don’t Mess With The Mantle

3. Mask Modern Comfort
Historical projects can feel museum-cold, but this corner’s simple daybed invites guests to relax without undermining the fiction of the room.

4. Pull In a Chair

A seemingly disparate piece can save a room from coming off as a mere reproduction.

5. Minimize The Electrical Footprint
Natural light comes through the handmade glass of the courtyard door and the windows—without curtains or blinds to detract from the antiqued walls and the 17th-century fireplace. Lamps are small and unobtrusive to maintain the illusion that the room predates electricity.

6. Embrace Imperfection
He coated walls with Moroccan tadelakt plaster tinted a light blue-gray that adds even more convincingly decrepit roughness.

7. Mash Up Accessories
The eclectic combination of a hand-painted Moroccan panel, 16th-century Syrian tiles and ceramics from Fes.