Scandi Vibes

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By placing greenery or even white washing the walls,  your pad can transform into the new-aged Scandinavian metropolis. Everything is minimal and  rugged by using mixed natural materials such as wood and fur. Be closer to the earth by having just a mattress on the floor. These people that suit these living arrangements are relaxed, happy beings, so if this is something you feel is missing form your life, it’s time to have a re-deisgn.

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Top made: Pics this week

fashion, interior design, Uncategorized is an online market place for designer furniture with up to a 70% discount. This is great for any savvy designer wanting the latest finds at a cheaper price. Here’s a look into some of the best pieces on the site this week!


This Alana mirror and hanging piece is perfect for any bedroom or wardrobe area. One of the hottest metallics of the moment, brass will keep your interior looking on trend and stylish. This would suit a minimalist interior to the T. This piece is also available in copper on the site.


his item is also from the Alana collection, definitely worth taking a look at all the items from this collection! I thought this was such a different idea for a single bed. Accessorized with white sheets and blush tone pillows, this bed would be perfect for all ages and looks great as a feature piece.


The Jenson collection is also one to watch this week! However, this bench really caught my eye as a great piece for an entry way or bedroom. With the added storage this makes such useful and stylish piece. The raw wood and grey fabric also make it versatile and effortlessly modern. This would look great mixed with other wooden items and a Scandinavian scheme.

Early autumnal furs

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Although autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22nd we are already dreaming of fall décor over here! So hold off on the leaf wreaths and pumpkin candles for a little while but do indulge in some fury comforts for the beginning of the new season. Synthetic fur accessories can come in a wide variety of price ranges depending on the authenticity ad scale but there’s something for everyone. To add to a cosy corner why not try put some fluffy pillows and a throw to snuggle into on the cold evenings. For a bolder statement try covering a chair with fur and exposing some of the framework for a Scandinavian twist. Fur works well with a whole host of trends including many we have mentioned on the blog before! So check out some our previous posts on copper, exposed wood and many other styles for some early autumn inspiration.


The old and the new

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Bring together old and new pieces for your interior like these inspiration image below. This is a great way to be economical as well as bringing through personality to your space. Mixing similar shades of wood is on trend and looks natural when also mixed with plants and simple fabrics. Everyone has a piece of furniture collecting dust in their loft or storage space, so bring it down, dust it off and make it a part of your home!

Interactive Kitchens


Let’s face it the kitchen is the focal point of every home; the hub of activity where children always manage to get under your toes. Here’s a few ideas for you to play around with in your kitchen to give children another alternative than unpinning your apron.



An interactive world map. You can start pinning your “been-to destinations” or your top five places to visit.


A blackboard can be useful to both you and your kids… just choose the best colours!


This stylish kitchen has a level made especially for children. They can park a stool and doodle and still be in your reach…. What a perfect situation!