Scandi Vibes

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By placing greenery or even white washing the walls,  your pad can transform into the new-aged Scandinavian metropolis. Everything is minimal and  rugged by using mixed natural materials such as wood and fur. Be closer to the earth by having just a mattress on the floor. These people that suit these living arrangements are relaxed, happy beings, so if this is something you feel is missing form your life, it’s time to have a re-deisgn.

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Okko hotel- France

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Okko hotel in Nantes, France has had a radical re-design by designer Patrick Norguet. The small rooms needed uplifting and modernising to reach their full potential. Norguet has used an on trend and modern theme throughout the rooms and made each unique with their own colour palette. The white base makes the rooms light and feel more spacious with the colour coming through from geometric shapes and accessories. Colour blocking also features heavily but instead of using opposite colours Patrick Norguet has used shades from the same colour for a more relaxed feel. This simple yet stylish design won’t go out of fashion any time soon and will suite each guest that walks through the door. Adding large mirrors and staying away from solid walls the rooms become a Tardis for design. Check back soon for some inspiration of how to re-create this look for your interior!

Upgrading ikea

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The Swedish furniture giant Ikea is a haven for flat pack and relatively cheap furnishings for your entire home, but can leave your space looking very samey if left as its bought. Make your Ikea finds as brilliant as their meatballs and mash with simple changes to make flat pack look chic and stylish. Adding a lick of paint can change the piece instantly, whether it’s just a small portion of the piece or the whole thing it is sure to look more alive. I love the way of painting half of the steps, it makes the item look unique and up market. Try the old classic of changing the knobs, these leather pulls used below look even more Scandinavian and special. Less is often more with upgrading as you don’t want your furnishings to be too garish or unrecognizable. So we’ve just given you a great excuse to grab some tasty meatballs and a storage solution or two, your welcome!

Paint the town white

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Once used to refresh a house before it goes up for sale, white is now being left adorning the walls of many homes. No longer the “blank canvas” for new house owners, this colour is fashionable and makes a room incredibly easy to change with the season. Layering colour on top of white is easy and can rarely go wrong unless you are a fan of red and green and we all know that should never be seen. For a more substantial change try using patterned tile or a dramatic wood flooring against the plain walls to really show where the detail lies in the room. For a smaller project just add your personal items to the simple shade on shelves and other surfaces to create a truly unique interior.

Let it flow



Sometimes it’s important to just let nature takes its course; so let it flow. The textures within this shot and the back wall all overlap and intwine. Ivy looks smashing on a white brick wall. It has a french vibe, but even a ‘cold’ back wall in this setting looks warm, and it’s not just due to the textures… So liven up something that’s presumed as being harsh.

Inspiration of the day:



Conservatories are so inviting and this is exactly where I want to be on evenings. Now that daylight is getting longer, these warm, light space bubbles are the perfect hideout. I love the webbed backing to the chair, dressed with moroccan pillows and sheepskin hides. The patterns are subtle with accents of blue, red and yellow. The plants allow the accent colour of green to be within the scheme. This neutral blend is textures with soft woods, soft wool and cotton.


Dream of destinations like this, as I am..>!


When art comes before interiors


When moving house, art and collectables are usually the only items that get transferred from place to place.  So I will give you an example of a piece of art that resembles the design of the room.


This piece of art is contemporary and clearly photoshopped to include nature and forestry. Below is a room that is parallel to this piece of art and designed on this singular photograph.


The spotted wall highlights the hidden forest within the image and the use of whites, greys and blacks are prominent within this setting. Take note of the linear lines of the hand in the photo and then again on the ceiling. The texture from the rug, sofa and the wooden seat are all seen within the hand of the image as branches bend and curl making it look 3D.