A sneak peak at an article in House & Garden!


We were luckily enough to be part of this issue’s House & Garden. Our chairs have been mentioned which is terrific news!

They seem to be going down a treat! Christmas is finally arriving and these seem to be this winter’s, ‘must-have’.


Blue Karma Resort

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In the heart of Bali lies a beautiful resort that has been designed using a huge range of woods such as bamboo and wicker. Put a flame to it as you really will see colour, but thankfully we don’t need too as this place already has colour that resinates deep into the wood.



Back to basics

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Trends are ever changing and evolving coming from the fashion world into interiors and vice versa. Looking forward into winter 2016 and early 2017 you will notice a shift from edgy and one off designs to a much more classic form with hard wearing materials. This can range from large pieces of furniture to smaller accessories. We have already seen the trend of marble coming back through and this is leading the way with this forthcoming trend. Sturdy materials like marble last a long time and most often aren’t bought as fashion items at such a high price. This new trend links with the focus on sustainability as it means less people will be buying cheaper “fashion” items which are made lacking quality and will go out of style as quickly as they came in. If you are sat there thinking you don’t like a classic interior then don’t fret, this trend can mean personalisation as a hardy material can live up to multiple changes and regenerations.

Woven woo

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From Bamboo to Mango Wood… Materials that’ll just never go out of style and will always create absolute timeless pieces. Such classic and authentic accents to any environment.
From Summer to Winter… Where their is a touch of woven wood, you’re space will always endure that fresh feel! Whether it’s a lighting accessory, window treatment or even flooring; your space will forever look and feel warmer without sidetracking your interior vibe.
Not only is this natural look stunning but the majority of these distinct pieces are Eco friendly…Mother Nature approved!
The effect works for almost every look, from Scandinavian, Rustic to Contemporary. This gives us the chance to touch base with our natural environment and make our space look amazing at same time.
Why don’t you try to introduce a little woven wood to your space this season? The organic textures exude a natural and relaxing feel. That touch of nature to your interior will always work wonders…Accentuate that space with a hint of Woven Woo!

Parquet away

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The most intricate wooden floor you can find and the most stunning (In my opinion) is parquet flooring. Originating in France in the 17th century Parquet is a style used and loved to this day. The original technique of gluing blocks of wood together to make geometric patterns is still used but can now be found in laminate or imitation bricks options. Herringbone, Chevron and Mansion Weave are all styles of this gorgeous flooring option and can be mixed and matched around a large space. The traditional plain wood style is now being mixed up with colours and materials like McKay Floorings pink parquet or collections by Ted Todd. Although this flooring can be expensive its always worth looking into reclaimed parquet as it comes at a much cheaper price and can give a great rustic look. Whatever style, colour or price you choose this flooring option will give your interior style and some history worth boasting about!


Brassy notes

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Copper may have stolen centre stage for the metallic this season but brass is coming in close behind with a cheaper and long wearing solution. Brass mixes really well with whites and natural materials such as wool and copper which is easy to find and add to any interior. The minimal trend lends itself extremely well to brass as delicate furniture below shows. Smaller details as with any trend can be added into an existing styled room such as frames and lighting whereas if you are on the hunt for a more substantial piece why not add some statements like these gorgeous taps for an updated kitchen. Brass can come in many finishes so try your hand at rustic, chic or a mish mash of both for a stylish and modern interior.

Green with envy

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Sage, Fern and Moss are this year’s fashions forward greens. Layering these colours looks just as stunning as using them on their own. The woodsy tones bring the natural interior to the height of sophistication without looking too cabin-like. Why not try adding some natural wooden elements and use inspiration from our previous post “Natures Finest”. Bringing these two elements together will bring any interior closer to nature and will be the envy of any visitors. Farrow and Ball are a great place to start when finding colours, try “Card Room Green”, “Breakfast Room Green” and “Lichen” for layering shades.


Natures finest

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Natural wood will always be a staple for long life interior. It is never likely to go out of fashion as this material is great at its most natural state. It goes with the industrial and rustic trends as well as eclectic and shabby chic interiors. Upcycling can be a great way of introducing raw wooden items into your space as buying from retailers can be very expensive. However, second hand wooden pieces can be just as good quality as brand new and can add personality to your interior. Check out these inspiration images below for key items to spice up your space! I love how both pieces become the statement in the room and can be admired for their raw state.

Uncovering Cycle

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Sustainability in interior design can come in many forms. A common and accessible way to make the planet that little bit healthier is to upcycle your old furniture instead of throwing away and buying brand new pieces. There are many ways this can be done such as adding new nobs to old drawers or repainting into a shabby chic style! Annie Sloan has some of the widest ranges of chalk paint on the market which can fix you up with colour to your hearts content. So throw on some overalls and get your hands dirty to make your own furniture one of a kind!


Let it flow



Sometimes it’s important to just let nature takes its course; so let it flow. The textures within this shot and the back wall all overlap and intwine. Ivy looks smashing on a white brick wall. It has a french vibe, but even a ‘cold’ back wall in this setting looks warm, and it’s not just due to the textures… So liven up something that’s presumed as being harsh.