Coppa in Kitchens

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Copper is usually seen in lampshades, or crockery, or even a bath, but it never usually features in kitchens. These two photos are prime examples of why copper is such a great material to use. It bounces light like no other but also it’s easy to clean, modern and gives a room a sense of style. I love the way they have used copper pipes to hang their crockery on a truly inspirational setting. Funnily enough this metal is one of the only metals that is warm, steel and aluminium are terribly cold materials.




Feel like man, walk like a man

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This is a typical bachelor pad! Wooden floors and studio-styled place is a perfect way to explore your masculinity. Doing projects like these are actually my favourite. There’s so much to play with. But the simplicity in having a bed just on the ground makes this space feel comfortable and relaxed. The shimmery wooden floors complete this glossy look and make it that much smarter. Without the shine, I feel as though this could look grungy and rustic, more like an artisan’s studio. Electric curtains and windows finish this place off giving it a modern touch. What a beauty this is. Inspiration taken to the max. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



‘Pink is a uni-sex colour’

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Hate it or love it? Pink is becoming more and more welcomed by men and becoming much less femine. A splash of pink can liven up a living space. This pink door is idillyic whereas the pink shower is more striking. It depends how naughty your willing to go. The message of this story, is to not be scared of this colour because it traditionally belongs to a sex, explore your inner girl; and ladies your husband’s won’t moan for too long!


Principles of a minimalist interior

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Minimalism is a huge trend and we’ve spoken about it before over here on the blog. To really get the look we’ve compiled some key areas to focus on when designing a minimalist interior to hit the nail on the head. Find amazing quality pieces! Try and make informed purchases and think about what the product is made of, the colour and even the grain of the material. Having a lot less items in a room means each ones needs to serve a purpose but also be beautiful so that it can hold its own. Simplicity is key in this style interior so keep the lines of your furniture simple and clean. However, to add some quirkiness why not choose this piece in a pop of colour to create a central focus. Lastly, let special features of each room sing. If you have a stunning arched roof keep furniture low lying so that all the focus is up above. This is key to keeping accessorizing to a minimum and only keeping your best on display so that minimalism is achieved and architectural features shine.

Robin Day- Designer

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Robin Day and his wife Lucienne Day were print and furniture designers renowned for their sense of style but also comfort in their designer products. Compared to post war furniture that was available at the time, Day’s furniture was made for comfort and great function. You’ll probably have seen some of the pieces floating through Pinterest as they’ve come back around in interior fashion. One of the recliners could set you back over £1000 so this really is an investment piece. However, as styles come back around so do lower prices! West Elm, Houzz and Overstock all have great ranges of similar furniture for a more bank friendly price. Get a little bit of British post war design into your home with Robin Day designs!

Top made: Pics this week

fashion, interior design, Uncategorized is an online market place for designer furniture with up to a 70% discount. This is great for any savvy designer wanting the latest finds at a cheaper price. Here’s a look into some of the best pieces on the site this week!


This Alana mirror and hanging piece is perfect for any bedroom or wardrobe area. One of the hottest metallics of the moment, brass will keep your interior looking on trend and stylish. This would suit a minimalist interior to the T. This piece is also available in copper on the site.


his item is also from the Alana collection, definitely worth taking a look at all the items from this collection! I thought this was such a different idea for a single bed. Accessorized with white sheets and blush tone pillows, this bed would be perfect for all ages and looks great as a feature piece.


The Jenson collection is also one to watch this week! However, this bench really caught my eye as a great piece for an entry way or bedroom. With the added storage this makes such useful and stylish piece. The raw wood and grey fabric also make it versatile and effortlessly modern. This would look great mixed with other wooden items and a Scandinavian scheme.

Okko hotel- France

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Okko hotel in Nantes, France has had a radical re-design by designer Patrick Norguet. The small rooms needed uplifting and modernising to reach their full potential. Norguet has used an on trend and modern theme throughout the rooms and made each unique with their own colour palette. The white base makes the rooms light and feel more spacious with the colour coming through from geometric shapes and accessories. Colour blocking also features heavily but instead of using opposite colours Patrick Norguet has used shades from the same colour for a more relaxed feel. This simple yet stylish design won’t go out of fashion any time soon and will suite each guest that walks through the door. Adding large mirrors and staying away from solid walls the rooms become a Tardis for design. Check back soon for some inspiration of how to re-create this look for your interior!

Focus on- Cole and son

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From geometric to classic, Cole and Son has the entire spectrum of design covered in their wallpaper archives. Founded in 1875 this British firm has heritage and royalty linked to its name. Cole and Son have done so well at staying modern and current, not succumbing to the old fuddy duddy prints they could easily produce over and over again. Their most recent collection – Curio – shows beautiful metallics in classic styles to add a modern twist. Splurging on a few rolls of Cole and Sons masterful designs would set your interior off effortlessly and create a talking point for all that enter. Whether it’s a cult favourite like the Woods print or a fresh new design like Zebrawood, your interior will benefit from a touch of this timeless company.

The old and the new

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Bring together old and new pieces for your interior like these inspiration image below. This is a great way to be economical as well as bringing through personality to your space. Mixing similar shades of wood is on trend and looks natural when also mixed with plants and simple fabrics. Everyone has a piece of furniture collecting dust in their loft or storage space, so bring it down, dust it off and make it a part of your home!

Extra credits in geometry

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Don’t panic! This is not a maths lesson, but we can share with you some geometric inspiration to multiply your style points within your home. Geometric style has been around for over a year now but can still be seen plastering the covers of interior magazines and your Instagram feed. This quirky horse wall mount is a modern take on a traditional accent for the home. If it’s more of a minimal monochrome interior you want to add to; why not try some geometric light fixtures like the ones below. They can act as a central focal point above a dining table or for hanging side lights by a bed.